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Who is Mirza Qadiyani?

It is s strange title that who is Mirza Qadiyani is? Even the Qadiyanies could not comprehend him. He changed hundreds of faces. On the one hand he says that he is Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho–ho–Alehhi–Wassallam)’s shadow and on the other he claims of Ram Krishn. Even an actor did not change so many roles. Some of his roles, that have been taken form his own books, are as follows:


About his pregnancy Mirza writes down in his book that, “Like Maryam, Christ’s spirit was infused in me and metaphorically I was conceived. At last after several months, not more than ten months, through revelation that I have stated in the part four page. 556 of Braheen-e-Ahmadia, I was made Christ from Mary. In this way I m son of Mary.”

(Kashti-Nooh. P.47. Roohani Kahazain V.19. P.50)


No one has ever alleged God with so much shameful allegation. The suppression of virility would have been made by Satan in the guise of spiritual being.” the Promised Christ once stated his condition that under the feeling of revelation he felt as if were a woman God suppressed His Power of verity.”

(Islami Qurbani Traekt No.34, by Qazi Yar Muhammad Qadiyani)


Mirza qadiyani writes in his book (May God Forbid)

(i) “I dreamt that I my self am God. I believed that I was God.”

(Aina-e-Kamalat Islam. P.564. RoohaniKhazain V.5 . P.564)

(ii) “In a revelation I saw that I was God and I believed that I was so.”

(Kitab-el-Biria P.85. Roohani Khazain V.3.P.103)


In the divine book of Qadiyanies – Tazkara. P. 40 – it is written that ” and God named me Mary in the book Braheen-e-Ahmadia.”


On the 36th of Tazkara mirza writes,”A man kissed my foot I said that I was the Black Stone (Hajra-e-Aswad).”


More than 450 abuses are written in the books mirza qadiyani , No other leader of any other false religion can compete mirza qadiyani in using abusive language.


The diseases of mirza qadiyani demand a separate topic. In the following are some examples:

“My heart and mind were very weak and I was attacked by many other diseases. Sugar and headache were my old companions and some times I was hit by heart champs. Because of these I became impotent.”

(Tarye-qulquloob P.75. Roohani Khazain V.15. P. 203)

“Dr. Muhammad Ismael has told me that he had heard many times form the Promised Christ that he was suffering form hysteria and sometimes he became melancholic.”

(Seerat-ul-Mehdi V.2 P.55 By nirza bashir ahmed)

“And some times I urinate for hundred times during a night and this caused weakness in me”

(Supplement Arbaen No.3-4 P.4)


“I am the very Krishn.”

(Tazkara P.381)


On the 472nd page of Tazkara mirza claimed of Being Ameenul Mulk J Sing.


Mirza qadiyani was infatuated with Muhammadi Begum and used different strange tacit to get her of these the most interesting Proclaim was that “God has wedded me with Muhammadi Begum in heavens and she must be mine” But the Marriage did not take place. She was married to Sultan Mehmmood. She bore three sons. After his Proclaim Muhammadi Begum became the spiritual mother of Qadiyanies. Because mirza qadiyani is considered their Prophet, so in this connection Muhammadi Begum became Qadiyani’s Mother. The children from the “Mother”were of Sultan Mehmood. To escape from this disgrace and to get Muhammadi Begum mirza Continued to threat form his revelations that sultan Mehmood would die and his land, Patti, would be destroyed. But like his other hundereds of predictions, this prediction also comes to be false.


In this verse the leaders of the qadiyanies reveals that “I am neither made of elay nor I m any human being’s child, I am really a shame for human being and I am worth hating.”

Qadiyanies are appealed that keeping in all these things in mind, decide once again that “Who mirza qadiyani is”?

Mirza Qadiyani Introduction

Mirza ghulam ahmed qadiyani, the head of qadiyani party, was born in 1936 in a town ‘qadiyan’ district gurdaspur, east Punjab. He gives the moment to moment the report of his birth in his book in these words,” a girl, whose name was Jannat, was born with me. First that girl comes out of the womb and then I come out…….and my head was in her feet”
(Taryaqulquloob.p.351 Roohani Khazain p.479.v.15)

His father name was ghulam murtaza who spent his whole life as an agent to anti-Islam powers and never said prayer. His mother’s name was Charagh Bibi, nick name Ghaseety. In his childhood mirza was called Dasondy and Sindhi.
On page 134 of ‘Kitab-al-Barea’ mirza wrote about his cast that he was Mughal (Barlas) and wrote that his forefathers entered Punjab form Samarqand. But in the same book on Page 135 is written that according to his revelation his forefathers were basically Persians and he held the opinion by 1900. On 5th of November 1901, he issued pamphlets ‘Eke Ghalti ka Azzala’. On the 16th page of it is written,”I am Israeli Fatimy as well”. After one year he wrote on the 40th page of ‘Tohfe-e-Goldia’, “My forefathers entered Punjab from chinese border”, and in ‘Chashma-e-Marfat’ he tried to prove himself of Chinese origin.

About his activities mirza qadiyani writes” my father was mocking suits in English courts to get some of our forefathers villages back. Also made me busy in these cases. I remained busy in these for a long time. I regret that much of my time was wasted in such disputes. Along with it my father made me in charge of agricultural matters. These things did not suit my nature and temperament. That is why my father was often angry with me.

(Kitabul-birea P.164 Rohani khazain in V 3 page 182)

Mirza qadiyani was fond of catching sparrows and he used to slaughter these with reed. He was also fond of swimming in the pond of qadiyan. Often he could not make distinction between the left and the right shoe. He used to tie keys with his silky trouser-string. Often his buttons were in the wrong button holes. He did not wear socks in the proper manner. Toilet was his favorite place where he used to sit for hours. He was scoundrel and spendthrift by nature. In Seerat-ul-Mehdi, V.1, P.134, mirza bashir ahmed writes the account of his mother,” my mother ones told me that once when the promised Christ was young, his father sent him to receive the 700 rupees of pension .Mirza imam din followed him. He coaxed him and misleads him. And instead of taking him to qadiyan, he took him here and there. After the whole amount was spent, he left him alone. Because of shame, the promised Christ did not come home.”
(Seerat-ul-Mehdi.V.1.P.34 by mirza bashir ahmed)

After his disputers with the members of his family, mirza qadiyani left his education incomplete and got the job of Clerk in Sialkot court. His pay was 15 rupees per month. According to Seerat-ul-Mehdi the plan of his job is from 1864 to 1868. During his job he studied law books and took the examination for internship, but failed. He could not go beyond a clerk. During this time with the help of an English deputy commissioner an important member of Christian mission met him in DC office. It was a type of interview for the Christian mission. Those men went back his country and mirza qadiani, leaving his job, went qadiyain. When his father asked him to worry about his job. His reply was that he had got a job and after it he started reviving money orders without the address of senders. Mirza qadiyani encourage sect aril differences. And started a long series of debates, dialects, pamphlets, and blasphemous literature. After it mirza proclaimed that he was about to write a book that would comprised 50 volumes. For this, he appealed to all the Muslims to send him money before the publication. People send money advance. Mirza wrote the book under the title “Brahen-e-Ahmedia. After the completion of 5 volumes he ended the work and to grab people’s money, he gave a very humorous justification. “First I intended to write fifty volumes and because there is difference of one point in fifty and five, so I have kept my promised “

(Brahen-e-Ahmedia). V.5. P. 7 Roohani Khazain V.21 P.9)

Mirza wrote around85 books. These books were published separately and were combined also in 23 volumes under the title’ Roohani Khazain’. In these books mirza qadyani made hundreds of claims. Gradually he made claims of servant of Islam, the preacher of Islam, the reveal, the promise Christ, the shadow of prophet, prophet and even God. All this was done according to a plan and conspiracy. Not speak of Prophet, Mehdi or promised Christ, he was not even a human being. About himself he says that he is made neither of earth nor he is human being.
The first marriage of mirza was with hurmat bibi, nick named ‘the mother of phajja’. She bore two boys mirza sultan ahmed and mirza fazal ahmed. After it he had no relation with her as husband. He remarried at the age of fifty. He sent a message to his first wife that he had married and as he would not be able to do justice between the two wives, so he would be sinful. So, he gave her to choices either to take diverse from him or to give up her rights and in that case he will bear her expenses. Her reply was that in old age she was not taking diverse and that she would give up her rights and maintained allowance should be given to her.

At the age of fifty mirza married nusrat jahan begum. She was quite modern and she would use to go Lahore with the disciples of mirza for shopping and spent their many days. Though mirza was an old patient and there was also doubt of impotency, but she gave birth to ten children.

The most interesting incident of mirza’s life is his desire and strange tactics to get Girl Muhammadi Begum. His interesting claim was that “God has wedded me with the Muhmmadi Begum in heaven. She must be mine”. But the Muhammadi Begum was married to Sultan Mehmood. She belongs to the family of mirza and because mirza’s first wife did not break her relation with her family, mirza divorced her.

Mirza’s last claimed was prophet hood, to which he stuck till his death. To prove his claimed he made his predictions the criteria of to judge his truth but God disgraced the liar at every stage and not even a single prediction come to be true. In his writings mirza declared cholera as the wrath of God. And the irony is that he died of cholera on May 26, 1908 in his disciple’s house, situated at Brandrath Road Lahore. What can be rater lesson than this that he died after falling on his own dirt? His body was sent to qadiyan via a goods train.




Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Ludhianvi

Truth and untruth are two on-going serials of the world. But Allah, Exalted in Munificence, has bestowed some distinctive factors enabling a man of ordinary understanding and common sense to identify one from the other. Praise to Him.

Mirza ghulam ahmed of qadiyan (India) made a number of claims for himself, from being a ‘Revivalist’ to being a ‘Prophet’. The falsehood or otherwise of a claim is easily identifiable through several tokens of cognisance which Allah, the Exalted, has laid down.

But the easiest pointer, readily available, is mirza’s own writings about which he himself said that his writings were a touchstone to check upon the veracity of his claims. I, therefore, invite readers to go through his written statements and judge for themselves.

Here are presented 22 excerpts from mirza’s writings. You would see in these that mirza challenges the world to prove him a liar. He is bold about it. I expect my brethren to test his metal in a cool unprejudiced manner.

I pray to Allah, the Exalted, to grant us His Favour in identifying truth as truth and untruth as untruth.


Muhammad Yusuf Ludhianvi


Mirza ghulam ahmed qadiyani wrote in a letter to Qazi Nazar Hussain, Editor, Newspaper “QuI-Qul” Bijnor, (India):

“Those persons who come from Allah’s side…. they do achieve essential intent of their ‘sending down’ and do not die till the purpose of their commission is not manifested.

“My mission for which I am standing in this field is this very one that I (a) topple the pillar of worship of Isa, (b) spread monotheistic doctrine in place of Trinity, (c) and display dignity and glory of the holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) before the world.

“Therefore I am a liar if I fail in the manifestation of this essential intent, notwithstanding millions of tokens coming forth from me.

“Why is the world, therefore, enmical to me? And why does it not see my end? If I manage to succeed in doing in support of Islam that work which the promised Masih or the promised Mahdi should have done, then I am truthful. And if nothing happens by the time I am dead then let everybody be witness that I am a liar.”

(Newspaper, ‘Badr,’ qadiyan, Volume 2, page 4, July 19,1906).


How far did mirza succeed in his mission is recounted in the official newspaper of qadiyanis, ‘Al-Fazl,’ in its issue dated June 19,1941, on page 5. It says:

“Do you know, there are 137 Christian Missions operating in India, i.e.. Head Missions. Number of their branches is many more. More than 1800 ‘Padrees’ are working in the head missions. There are 403 hospitals in which 500 doctors are working. There are 43 printing presses and about 100 newspapers are printed in different languages. They are running 51 Colleges, 617 High Schools and 61 Training Colleges where 60,000 students study. In the (Christian) ‘Salvation Army’[1] there are 308 European and 2886 Indian priests. Under it (the ‘Army’) there are 507 Primary Schools in which 18,675 students study. Eighteen colonies and 11 Dailies are their own. Under different departments of this Army 3,290 men are nourished. Result of these efforts and sacrifices is that it is said that 224 persons of different religions are being daily converted to Christianity. Against this, what are the Musalmans doing? Perhaps they do not consider this work worth their attention. Ahmedi Jamaat should think what is the position of their own efforts against such widespread net of Christian missionaries. We have only two dozen preachers in the whole of India and the difficult conditions under which they are working, we know that too.”

This is the evidence produced by a qadiyani newspaper, 33 years after mirza’s death! It shows that mirza’s claim did no damage to Christianity. Monotheism did not flourish at the cost of Trinity. His effort to stop the spread of Christianity failed.

Thus mirza’s statement: “Therefore I am a liar if I fail in the manifestation of this essential intent….. And if nothing happens by the time I am dead then let everybody be witness that I am a liar” is a lie self-proved.


Mirza writes in Zamima Anjam-e-Atham: (Pages 30-35).

“If within seven years, a distinct effect of my efforts does not appear by Allah’s support in service of Islam and, since death of false religions is essential on the hands of Masih, if this death of false religions does not come by through me, i.e., if Allah, the Exalted, does not reveal those tokens through my hands which shall enhance Islam’s success, as a result of which Islam starts to enter from all sides annihilating the void Christian Divinity and the world catching on a different hue, then, I swear by Allah that I shall consider myself a liar.”


Mirza wrote the above in January, 1897, or thereabout. In other words his promised seven years’ limit closed in 1903. By that year mirza had to fulfil his promise to substantiate his truthfulness, failing which he had sworn himself to be a liar. Now, readers know that nothing of that sort happened and his promise did not materialise according to the time-scale which he himself had stipulated. Thus mirza is a self-proclaimed liar.


It so happened during Ramadhan-ul-Mubarak in the year 1311 Hijri that lunar eclipse occurred on the 13th and solar eclipse on the 28th. Both eclipses chanced to fall during the same month. mirza announced this phenomena as a proof of his ‘Mahdviat’. He declared that this supernatural abnormality was a special sign for his sake only and which had never occurred before during lifetime of any other claimant to Mahdviat, Masihiat or Prophethood.

In Magazine, ‘Anwar-ul-Islam’ (p. 47) mirza wrote:

“Since the times that this world was created never did lunar and solar eclipses get together during the times of any claimant of Prophethood/ Messengership/ Muhaddathiat. If somebody says they have conjoined then burden of proof lies on him.”

“It never happened and certainly never happened from the start of the world till today that lunar and solar eclipses conjoined in this manner in Ramadhan and that some claimant to Prophethood, Messengership or Muhaddathiat was present at that time.” (Page 40.)


Mirza’s lack of knowledge deserves pity. From the years Hijri 18 to Hijri 1312, lunar and solar eclipses have conjoined sixty times in Ramadhan alone; during these thirteen centuries there have been not one but dozens of claimants of Prophethood and Mahdviat. But Allah, the Exalted, willed that mirza be proved a liar from his own ignorance.

Therefore Allah, the Exalted, made him write out this challenge:

“If these cruel Maulvis can produce an evidence of this type of conjunction of eclipses in the times of any claimant, they should come out with it. Undoubtedly, I shall go down as a liar, by this.”

(Appendix, ‘Anjam-e-Atham,’ page 48).

Here I produce evidence, not one but four.

1) In Hijri 117, lunar and solar eclipses conjoined in month of Ramadhan in the times of a claimant, by name “Treef” who was living in Aljazair.

2) Again, Hijri 127 saw a conjunction of the eclipses and at that time a person called Saleh, son of Treef, was claimant of prophethood.

3) A conjunction again occurred in 1267 Hijri in Iran where mirza Ali Muhammad Bab was blowing his trumpet of Mahdviat for seven years.

4) The Hijri of 1311 way again the year of conjunction when Mahdi Sudani was spreading his cult of Mahdviat in Sudan.

More historical proofs are available in respect of such phenomenal conjunctions in the lifetime of many claimants of prophethood and Mahdviat. For details refer to the following books:

1) ‘Doosri Shahadat-e-Aasmani’ by Maulana Abu Ahmad.

2) ‘Aimma-e-Talbis’ & ‘Raees-e-qadiyan’ by Maulana Abul Qasim Dilawari.

But the above four evidences are sufficient to prove mirza’s lies.


Mirza wrote in ‘Izala-e-Auham’: (p. 190, 1st edition; p.79, 5th edition.)

“O Brethren of Deen and theologians of in-violable Law! Listen, you people to my submissions intently; that the claim of the promised similar, which this humble has made, has been taken as the promised Masih by unwitted folks…. I have not certainly made his claim that I am Masih, son of Mariam. The person putting this blame on me is a downright slanderer and liar.”


The above clarifies the position. mirza admits he was not the promised Masih and he confirms that those who consider him so, are ‘unwitted folks, downright slanderers and liars.’


Mirza wrote in Tuhfatun Nadwah: (Page 5).

(1) “If I don’t have knowledge of hidden things, then I am a liar;

(2) “If death of Ibn-e-Mariam is not testified by Quran, then I am a liar;

(3) “If Hadith-Mairaj did not make Ibn-e-Mariam sit among the dead souls, then I am a liar;

(4) “If Quran did not declare in Sura ‘Noor’ that caliphs of this Ummat shall be from this very Ummat, then I am a liar;

(5) “If Quran did not give me the name of Ibn-e-Mariam, then I am a liar.”


Each and every claim above is wrong. Lies stand proved.


Mirza wrote in Tuhfatun Nadwah (Page 4):

“Allah, the Exalted, in His Holy Book says:…….. That is, if this (person) will be telling lies he will be destroyed while you will be seeing him. His falsehood shall kill him. But if he is truthful then some of you shall become a target of his predictions and will depart from this mortal place while he will be seeing them. Now, test me on this basis which is in God’s words and evaluate my claims.”


We are ready to evaluate mirza’s claim on the basis set by him and draw these conclusions:

1) Mirza engaged himself against Maulana Abdul Haq Ghaznavi in an imprecation of Mubahala. Right in front of his adversary’s eyes mirza met his doom. His falsehood killed him.

2) During a tete-a-tete with another opponent, by name Maulana Sanaullah, mirza indulging in curses, implored Allah to take away first the life of whosoever was a liar. And lo! mirza died first while Maulana Sanaullah lived on to see him dead.

3) Mirza’s rival-in-love was Sultan Muhammad Sahib. In burning jealously mirza died of Cholera while Sultan Muhammad lived on after mirza’s death.

4) Another opponent was Doctor Abdul Hakeem Khan. mirza told him of the drawn sword of the Angel of Death hovering over his head and cursed him:

“O my Provider! decide between the Liar and the Truthful.!”

‘Liar and the Truthful!’ And lo! mirza died before Doctor Sahib’s very eyes as a veritable liar!

The evidences of these four eye-witnesses amply testify mirza’s falsehood in accordance with the standards which he himself set forth.


On July 10, 1888, mirza came forward to notify his “revelational foretelling”, as follows:

“That Absolute Omnipotent has told me:

“Start negotiations for the elder daughter (Muhammadi Begum) of that person (ahmed baig). In case of declination from Nikah, the end of that girl will be extremely bad and if she will be married to another person he, within two and a half years from and similarly father of that daughter within three years, will die.”

“Then in those days, attention was applied again and again for further clarification and details. It came to be known that God Almighty determined that He will bring the elder daughter (Muhammadi Begum) of that person (i.e. ahmed baig) into Nikah of this humble self after removal of each hindrance.

“Be it clear to the evil-minded that in order to judge our truthfulness or falsehood there can be no greater touchstone of test than our predictions.”

(Majmua-e-Ishtiharat Vol. I, pp. 157-159).


This touchstone, which mirza settled for himself to ascertain his truthfulness, has come very handy.

On April 7, 1892, ahmed baig married his daughter, Muhammadi Begum, to one of his relatives, namely Sultan Muhammad, resident of village Patti, District Lahore.

Now, in accordance with mirza’s divine revelation:

(1) Muhammadi Begum ought to have been widowed by Oct. 6,1894, but Allah, the Exalted, kept her safe from mirza’s evil eye and the couple lived happily together for no less than 57 years, i.e., 16 years in the lifetime of mirza and 41 years after his death. From 1949 till 1966, Muhammadi Begum lived as a widow. In this way, she escaped the clutches of mirza’s ‘divine revelation’, 41 years earlier.

(2) Sultan Muhammad should have died six months earlier than his father-in-law but by Allah’s grace he lived for 57 years after him.

(3) Ahmed baig should have died after the death of his son-in-law and ought to have witnessed his daughter’s widowhood and destitution but he departed earlier from the world, leaving his daughter and son-in-law happy in their life.

(4) Each and every hindrance for Nikah between mirza and the lady was destined to be removed by God, as per mirza’s ‘repeated attentions to the Absolute Omnipotent’ for bringing her into Nikah of that ‘humble self. YET, sorry! The Absolute Omnipotent did not help mirza one bit, although he pursued the matter relentlessly. Poor mirza failed miserably. The ‘angel of death’ wielded ‘sword’ over mirza and he expired on May 26,1908. Alas! he departed, burying pangs of love in his heart into his grave, coupled with heart-burnings of jilt.

(5) According to mirza’s own words those who do not put his predictions on the touchstone of test for falsehood are ‘the evil-minded’.


On the occasion of Nikah announcement of Muhammadi Begum, on July 10, 1888, mirza prefaced the following two-verse piece on top of his communication:

Allah’s Divine Power will strangely show itself up;

When the end result of my predictions will be visible.

Distinction between truth and falsehood is to appear;

Someone will set honour and some, disgrace.

(Majmua-e-Ishtiharat, Vol.1, p. 153).


Result of predictions was seen on 26th May, 1908, in mirza’s death. Allah’s Divine Power showed itself up on that day. Despite his twenty years’ continuous efforts along with his ‘revelation’ hoaxes, mirza was deprived of Muhammadi Begum. In this way, truth and falsehood became distinct in the wake of which the lady was honoured and mirza disgraced. Who was a liar?


Mirza made several predictions in the case of Muhammadi Begum. Her parents, ignoring all these predictions, settled her Nikah elsewhere. mirza was consumed with lover’s cast-off jealousy. Not controlling himself, he blurted forth a letter to her paternal uncle, mirza Ali Sher Baig, who was mirza’s brother-in-law as well. He wrote:

“Now, I have heard that the girl’s Nikah is going to be solemnised on the 2nd or the 3rd Eid….. Participants in this Nikah are my great enemies. Nay, they are great enemies of Islam. They want Christians to laugh at us and Hindus to make merry but they don’t care a bit for the Deen of Allah and the Prophet.

“From their side, they are strongly determined to disgrace me and blacken my face. They are about to strike me with a sword. Now, to save me is the work of Allah, the Exalted. If I am His, He will surely save me. They want me to be dishonoured and to have my face blackened. God is Absolute. He may blacken the face of whomsoever He likes but, now, they want to push me into fire.”


Ah! The restlessness of mirza for Muhammadi Begum and the coldness of her relatives. Woe betide! Enemies of Allah, enemies of the Prophet, enemies of Deen and enemies of mirza are cutting into mirza’s core with the dagger of Nikah and turning him into a laughing stock of insult for the world.

Alas mirza! Aglow with lover’s fire! Allah’s help, none!

Mirza bemoans in writhing agony:

“If I am His, He will surely save me.”

Yes if he were His; otherwise, No. A straw from Allah for mirza!


When Sultan Muhammad, mirza’s rival for Muhammadi Begum’s hand, did not die within the period fixed by mirza, he extended the duration of Sultan’s life:

“Well, if not in two and a half years, certainly in my lifetime he will die. I declare that his living or not living is the test of my truthfulness or otherwise.”

He wrote in Persian:

(Translation) “But I have not told you that this matter has come to a close at this stage and that the end result is what has appeared or that the fact of prediction has finished at that. The real premise stands on its own. Nobody, by any of his tricks, can evade it. This is fated from Great Allah as inevitable destiny (i.e. the predicted death of Sultan Muhammad whereby mirza could consummate his longing for Sultan’s wife) and shortly the time of its occurrence will come. I swear by that Allah Who raised Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) for us to make him His best creation that this prediction is true and will soon be visible. I make it a proposition for testing my truthfulness or my falsehood. And I have not said it on my own but that my Provider Himself has informed me of it.”

(Anjam-e-Atham, p.223).


Mirza declared Sultan Muhammad’s imminent death as a proposition to test his truthfulness or falsehood, i.e., if Sultan Muhammad died in mirza’s lifetime then mirza was true otherwise he was a liar.

What a pity that mirza was a liar because he died in 1908 and Sultan Muhammad died in 1949.


Mirza wrote in case of Sultan Muhammad:

“Remember, if the second part of this prediction does not come true (i.e., son-in-law of ahmed baig does not die in mirza’s lifetime) then I shall be more wicked than every wicked man. 0 idiots! this is not a human’s pretension. This is no business of any depraved impostor. Consider this definitely to be God’s true promise, the same God Almighty Whose words never evade; the same Glorious Provider Whose intentions nobody can stop!”

(Appendix, ‘Anjam-e-Atham’ p-54)


Because Sultan Muhammad did not die in mirza’s lifetime, the undermentioned conclusions are drawn:

1) Mirza admits himself to be ‘more wicked than every wicked man’.

2) His prediction was ‘Pretension’.

3) His prediction was ‘Business of any depraved impostor’.

4) If his claim was ‘God’s true promise’ it could not possibly ‘evade’ because who ‘can stop intentions’ of the “Glorious Provider’?

5) A person who does not understand this simple thing, mirza gives him the title of ‘idiot’.


“I say again and again that quintessence of my prediction in case of the son-in-law of ahmed baig shall be his inevitable destiny. Wait for it. If I am a liar then this prediction will not be fulfilled and my death will come and if I am truthful then God Almighty will certainly fulfil it”.

(Marginal note p. 31, Anjam-e-Atham)


How shameful! ahmed baig’s son-in-law did not die during mirza’s lifetime. Thus mirza had said correctly: “If I am a liar then this prediction will not be fulfilled, and my death will come.”


Mirza, in support of his ‘heavenly’ Nikah, had reasoned out from a Prophetic Hadith, (as written by him in ‘Anjam-e-Atham,’ p.53 Annex):

“For corroboration of this prediction, the holy Prophet of Allah (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) has also previously predicted: the promised Masih will take a wife and have children. Now it is obvious that this mention of marriage and children normally bears no significance because every one generally marries and has children. There is no excellence in it. But here marriage means special marriage as a token and by children is meant special children for which the prediction of this humble self is there. It looks as if the Prophet of Allah (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) is answering here the doubts of those black-hearted unbelievers that these sayings will certainly be fulfilled”.


Allah, the Exalted, kept mirza deprived of that ‘special marriage’ and from those ‘special children’, proving that mirza’s claim of “Promised Masihship’ was false and that the prophetic prediction did not fit upon him. The holy saying was with regard to Hazrat Isa (peace be on him) that he would marry and would have children on his second appearance on earth. mirza has himself written about those persons who disbelieve his appearance: “The Prophet of Allah (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) is answering here the doubts of those black-hearted unbelievers that these sayings will certainly be fulfilled.”


For fifteen days, mirza carried on arguments with a Christian Padree, named Abdulla Aatham. Having failed to give him a defeat he announced his revelation on 5th June 1893 that within fifteen months his adversary would be thrown into ‘Haaviya’ (the hell) unless he returned to the truth. mirza wrote in this case:

“I admit right this time that if this prediction goes false, that is, if within fifteen months from this date, the party who is on falsehood in view of Allah, does not fall into ‘Haaviya’ as death punishment then I am prepared to undergo every type of punishment: disgrace me, blacken my face, collar a rope around my neck or hang me on the gallows. I am ready for all. I swear by the Greatness of Allah’s Glory that He will certainly do the same, will certainly do the same, will certainly do the same. Earth and sky may deviate but not His Ordainment. If I am a liar, keep the gallows ready for me and consider me the most accursed of all the accursed persons, evil-doers and Satans.”

(Jung -e-Muqaddas, p.189)


Mirza’s prediction expired on 5th September, 1894 but Atham neither renounced Christianity nor accepted Islam nor he fell into “Haaviya” in death punishment. Nothing of the sort happened and everything sailed smooth.

Mirza went to the extent of invoking charms over Atham, throwing over him spells and witchcraft (ref:. ‘Seerat-ul-Mahdi’ p.188. Vol.1) but nothing happened.

On the last day, when this prediction was ending, i.e., 5th September he implored Allah, cried out and lamented: “Ya Allah! Atham may die, Atham may die, Ya Allah! Atham may die” (ref. Newspaper Al-Fazl, dated 20th July 1940). But Atham lived on. Magic, charms, witchcraft and spells did him no damage. Allah rejected mirza’s implorations, lamentations and curses. Atham grew all the more prosperous!

On the other hand, mirza had proposed his own punishment as a liar: “Disgrace me, blacken my face, collar a rope around my neck or hang me on the gallows……. keep the gallows ready for me, think of me as the most accursed of all the accursed persons, evil-doers and Satans.” Consequently, how did the opposing party carry out this instruction of mirza saheb? It can be guessed by the dirty announcements which were published on the expiry of the fixed time. What his adversaries did? They heaped on mirza such filthy abusive epithets that it shall be indecent to print them here. But a couplet, which became popular on public tongues may be reproduced here:


Shameless perverse are also in this world, But you, shame-proof, have surpassed all!

This was an echo to mirza’s own acknowledgment: “Most accursed of all the accursed, evil doers and Satans.” Really he was so, otherwise how Allah would have failed him before a ‘Kafir’ Christian?


Mirza wrote in Shahadat-ul-Quran: (p,80).

“In addition to this, there are similar other magnificent tokens of this humble self on the test list: There is my prediction in respect of Munshi Abdulla Atham Sahib Amritsari, the term of which is fifteen months beginning from 5th June, (1893). My other prediction is in respect of the son-in-law of mirza ahmed baig, resident of Patti, District Lahore, term of which has eleven months more from today the 21st September, 1893. All these matters which are totally beyond human power are sufficient to identify the true from the liar.”


This is exactly the modus-operandi in which a liar is distinguishable from a truthful person, that is, if these predictions are fulfilled as per duration of their terms then the teller of the predictions will be considered truthful. As the predictions failed, therefore mirza is identified as a proven liar. No other argument is necessary to prove mirza’s lies.


Mirza announced:

“In the end, I beseech You, 0 God! Almighty All-Knowing, if these predictions are not from You that Atham will be caught in fatal tortures and ahmed baig’s elder daughter coming ultimately into Nikah of this humble self then destroy me with disgrace and disappointment. Efface me, perish me with insults, make me permanent target of accursed imprecations, please my enemies, accept their prayers if, in Your estimate, I am a driven outcast, accursed charlatan and one-eyed anti-Christ impostor (‘Dajjal’) as my opponents have understood me, and if that Benevolence of Yours is not with me which was with…………….”(so and so saints and prophets: here mirza has named many saints and prophets).

(Ishtihar dated Oct. 27, 1894, reproduced from Majmu’a Ishtiharat p.116,Vol 2).


Despite these heart-rending entreaties and self-accursements, Allah did keep mirza deprived of Nikah with Muhammadi Begum until he breathed his last. From this it appears that mirza, according to his own statements, was ‘a driven outcast, accursed charlatan and one-eyed anti-Christ impostor (‘Dajjal’) as his opponents have understood him’.

Alas! As a result of this self-cursing he perished in disgrace and disappointment, became a permanent target of accursed imprecations, his enemies became happy and their prayers were accepted by Allah.


Mirza in his communication to Maulana Sana-ullah Amritsari wrote:

“In your paper, you build up this reputation for me that this person imputes falsely, is a liar and is one-eyed anti-Christ impostor (‘Dajjal’). I have borne a lot of tortures from you but endured them patiently…….. if I am really a liar, an impostor and a charlatan, as you remember me in your paper then I will perish in your lifetime.”

(Advertisement, Moulvi Sanaullah Saheb se Aakhri Faislah,

Ref. Majmua-e-Ishtiharat, Vol. 3, p. 578.)


Mirza died on 26th May, 1908, in the lifetime of Maulana. mirza’s words are proved: “If I am really a liar, an impostor and a charlatan, as you remember me in your paper then I will perish in your lifetime.” mirza was a ‘truthful’ liar, therefore died earlier.


In the same advertisement addressed to Maulana Sanaullah Amritsari, mirza wrote:

“If that punishment which is not in the hands of a human being but only in God’s Hands, such as plague, cholera, etc., and similar fatal diseases and if the same do not descend upon you in my lifetime then I am not God-sent.”


Allah, the Exalted, kept Maulana safe from every affliction in mirza’s lifetime and fulfilled this proposal of mirza:. “Then I am not God-sent.”


Mirza implores Allah in the above-quoted Aakhri Faislah.

“O God! If this claim of the ‘promised Masih’ is only a false imputation from the ‘self in me and in Your eyes I am a mischievous liar, then 0 my dear Master! Humbly I implore in Your Audience to put me to death in Maulana Sanaullah’s life-time. Aameen.”


This prayer of mirza came to be accepted; mirza died while Maulana Sanaullah lived on. Proved: mirza was a mischievous liar in the eyes of Allah the Exalted. Further proved: mirza’s claim of being ‘promised Masih’ was false imputation of his ‘self’ and that Maulana Sanaullah was righteous.

Would that mirza had implored Allah for his guidance instead of his death! Perhaps that would also have been accepted.


Mirza further wrote:

“O my Omnipotent! O Who has sent me down! Holding the garment of Your Sanctity and Mercy only, I beg in Your audience to honour us with a true decision between Maulana Sanaullah and myself. And he who in Your eyes is really a mischievous liar, lift him from the world in the very lifetime of whosoever is truthful. 0 Master! do it this way. Aameen.”


This request of mirza was also accepted. Maulana Sanaullah was truthful hence mirza, struck by cholera, was lifted from the world in Maulana Sanaullah’s lifetime. mirza got from Allah what he asked from his mouth. Proved: mirza was a mischievous liar. -


Mirza wrote in Zamima Anjam-e-Atham, pp.20-


“Shaikh Muhammad Hussain Batalvi and other notable opponents may hold a Mubahala with me. After the Mubahala even if one person could save himself from my imprecations then I will admit I am a liar.”


Under this arrangement, Maulana Abdul Haq Ghaznavi held a Mubahala with mirza. Result was that mirza died in the lifetime of Maulana Sahib. Thus mirza’s covenant is corroborated: “I am a liar.”


Mirza’s writings show that he was a patient of ‘Hyster-malaise.’ He said so in conversations also. Doctors confirmed it. Others also said about it. Proofs are given below:

1) “You behold! Hazrat (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) had foretold about my illness also which has come to pass likewise: He had said that when Masih will descend from the sky he will be wearing two saffron-coloured sheets of cloth. Therefore, same way, I have two diseases, one in the upper part of the body, viz., Hysteromania, and the other, excessive urination, in the lower part.”

( Malfoozat -e-mirza ghulam ahmed qadiyani, Vol. 8, p. 445).

2) “My condition is such that, despite my constant involvement in two diseases, I remain preoccupied with work that I carry on very late having closed doors of the house at night. Although the disease of Hyster-malaise increases as a result, and my head feels more dizzy due to wakefulness yet I don’t care and continue with my work.” (Ibid. Vol. 2, p. 376)

3) “Hazrat Khalifat-ul-Masih-ul-Awwal said to hazrat promised Masih: “Your Honour! Ghulam Nabi suffers from Melancholia.” The honourable was pleased to reply: “In a way, all the prophets suffered From Melancholia and I also suffer from the same.” (Seerat-ul-Mahdi, p.304, V. 3).

4) “Doctor Mir Muhammad Ismail Sahib told me that he had heard many times from hazrat sahib, the promised Masih, that he suffered from Hysteria and also mentioned Melancholia. But the truth is that signs of nervous disorders developed in him only as a result of his diligent mental work and day and night preoccupations with literary compositions. These are often seen in patients of Hysteria (and Melancholia) also.” (Seerat-ul-Mahdi, Vol. 2, p. 55).

5) “This disease, having occurred once in the family, was bound to penetrate into the next off­spring. Therefore hazrat Khilafat-ul-Masih Thani, Mian Mahmud ahmed sahib told me that occasionally, he also got an attack of Hyster-Malaise.”

(From: Article written by doctor shah nawaz sahib qadiyani, reproduced in Magazine ‘Review of Religions,’ qadiyan, August, 1926, p. 11).

6) “The cause of all his troubles such as vertigo, headache, sleeplessness, heart cramps, indigestion, diarrhoea, excessive urination and hystermalaise was only one and that was his weakness of nerves.”

(From: Magazine: ‘Review’, qadiyan, May 1927, p. 26).

7) “Some patient of Melancholia thinks: “I am king”; some thinks “I am God”, some thinks “I am Prophet.” (From Bayaz-Noor-ud-Din, p. 212, Vol. 10).


We have sufficed here to give only seven opinions and findings from all those who are qdiyanis and it is possible to give more opinions as well but for the csake of brevity we stop. However, it is confirmed without any doubt that mirza ghulam ahmed was Hyster-maniac.

It shall be worthwhile to give medical opinion of experts of Medicine on this disease of Melancholia — Hyster-Malaise. It will be noted that mirza ghulam ahmed suffered from them all.

(a) From: ‘Qanoon’, Part One, Book three, Author: Shaikh-ur-Raees, Boo Ali Seena:

“Melancholia is that malady in which worries and anxieties take the form of imagined horrors and dreads as opposed to the normal. Its cause is atrabilious temperament which takes away the entire essence of brain, leaving the patient effectually distracted. Or the other cause of this malady is extreme heating-up of the liver called Hyster-malaise. What happens is that excrements of victuals and intestinal disorders through vapours collect in the liver and humours of the body bum up and take the form of mania. Then black fumes arise from these parts and go towards the head. It is this condition which is called melancholic-flatulence, melancholic-fumigation or melancholic-hystermalaise.”

(b) From: ‘Sharah-ul Asbab wal Alamat-Amraz, Malikholia’. Author: Allama Burhan ud Din Nafees.

“When thoughts and ideas change from the normal path into fears and disorders it is called Melancholia……. With some patient this disturbance reaches to such limits that he starts to consider himself a Diviner, with a knowledge of hidden things. He informs in advance of what is going to happen later…… this disease increases in some patient so much so that he thinks himself to have been transformed into an angel.”

(c) From: Same Author above:

“There is a branch of Melancholia, called Hystermania. This is caused by strong black bile that accumulates in the digestive tract. From that part of the body in which this matter accumulates rise black vapours that envelop brain. Its symptoms are: belching out bitter fumes, finding food tasteless, deliciousness of eatables reduced, worsening of digestion, belly inflation, stool liquefaction and rising of smoke-like fumes.”

(d) From: ‘Makhzan-e-Hikmat’. Second Edition Author: Shamsul Atibba, Hakim Doctor Ghulam Jilani.

“Previous theory was that this disease manifested itself into disorders, arising from animal faculty or from those vital principles of amiability that originate from liver or digestive tract. But later researches indicate that this disease takes from nerves…… in the menfolk nervous internal system produces weaknesses of brain and is called Hyster-malaise.

“Symptoms of this disease are: patient’s letharginess and his anxiousness. He develops feelings of egotism, conceit and self-estimation. He is apt to exaggerate in his conversations, feels little appetite and suffers from Dyspepsia”.

(e) From: ‘Ikseer-e-Azam,’ Volume one, p. 189 Author: Hakim Muhammad Azam Khan.

“Symptoms of this disease are: digestive disorders, bitter vaporous belches, constant mouth watering, belly flatulence, bowels grumbling, stomach inflated and heated, false appetite vapours rising towards palate in fumes…….. Sometimes upper part of the body shivers and shakes, knock-down in severe attack, fainting and swooning………. sudden forgetfulness, drooping eye-lids, suffocation while swallowing, sudden lightning-like sparkle flashing in front of the eyes …….

(f) From: Same Author above:

“Patient, if a religious scholar, lays claim to miracles, to prophethood and to supernatural powers. He talks of Divinity and preaches to men.”


All the symptoms laid down by the experts of Medicine were present in mirza to the utmost extent. Very true, he was a patient of Melancholic Hyster-malaise.

There can be no better statement than the categorical pronouncement of no less a person than the so-called ‘Khalifat ul Masih Thani, mian mahmud ahmed himself, in which he said that the disease of Hysteria was present in mirza ghulam ahmed:

“Men also have this disease and those who suffer from this are called Hyster-Maniacs.”

(From Friday Sermon, by mian mahmud ahmed, Khalifa qadiyan, reproduced in Newspaper, ‘Al-Fazl’ qadiyan Vol.10, dated April 30, 1923).

Mirza laid claims, very intensely, right from prophethood to Godhood. He called himself superior to all revered prophets and claimed to have performed one million miracles. He also claimed to be the King of the Aryans! He invited people to adopt his religion and those who rejected him he called them atheists, ‘Kafirs’ and Hellish folks. He found faults with all the Prophets, (peace upon them all) called respectful Companions of Our Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) (Allah be pleased with them all), as silly fools, and abused the saints of the entire Ummat. He called Quranic commentators erring folks. He reproached narrators of the Traditions and categorised Ulemas of the Ummat with Jews. He dubbed the whole Ummat as “gone astray from the path” and passed obscene remarks against learned men and pious persons.

Can a godly person or a religious revivalist stoop so low?

Certainly, mirza ghulam ahmed was a maniac of Melancholic-Hyster-malaise.


With utmost sincerity of heart, I make this submission to you.

(1) It is possible that contents of this article have displeased you at places but my part is actually this much that I have quoted from mirza’s own writings. Making those a basis, I have evaluated facts. If you don’t agree with my evaluation then I leave it to you to judge for yourselves his truth or falsehood on the touchstone of his writings.

(2) I tell you that all our revered prophets were most dignified souls. What to speak of them, even respectable saints and pious elders of our Ummat never tied challenges of truth/untruth. Their call to righteousness was direct. Here we find mirza stipulating horrible bids for his veracity again and again. No sooner did he lose the wager, he tied another. Can such a gamble ever be a modus-operandi of chosen souls of Allah’s faithful creatures? This point alone should suffice to guide anyone to truth provided Allah has be­stowed him with judgement and insight.

(3) Have you noticed that whereas mirza risked his entire career over these gambles, Allah the Exalted, on the other hand, if I may say so, vowed to let mirza never succeed in saying a thing, conditional on his truth. Anything mirza would say, Allah would bring it to naught.

For example, mirza swore:

‘Sultan Muhammad will die’;

‘Abdulla Atham will die’;

‘Sanaullah will die’;

‘Abdul Haq Ghaznavi will die’;

and so on and so forth, “else call me a liar.” Against this was the fated Ordainment that the more he would resort to swearings the more impossible they would become.

Indeed, it was a limit on the part of mirza that when predicting about the death of an unholy Christian, he acknowledged himself to be ‘the greatest accursed man on the earth’ if that did not happen. And true enough, it did not happen. Allah, the Exalted, refused mirza’s plea against a defiled ‘Worshipper of Cross.’ Is there any instance to compare with it? For Allah’s sake, ponder over it.

(4) Last and not the least

O Brethren-in-humanity! Think over this situation:

If on the Day of Judgement, Allah the Exalted, puts this Question to mirza ghulam ahmed: “Why did you mislead people by claiming to be a prophet after Hazrat ‘Khatam-Un-Nabieen?( Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam)”

And in reply, if mirza submits: “Ya Allah! I was a patient of Melancholic-Hyster-malaise. I told my people that I was a ‘Miraqi’ and even wrote it so in my books. Doctors said I was a maniac of Hysteria. Pray ask these ‘sages’ (the qadiyanis) why did they follow nonsensical eruptions of a diseased ‘Miraqi’ maniac and accepted me as their Prophet and Masih”.

Then, my Brethren-in-humanity, what will you say in reply to Allah?

Think over, level-headed. Correctly prepare your homework for the coming Day.


Said the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam)

“There shall be thirty great deceivers in my Ummat. Every one of them will claim that he is a prophet of Allah although I am the last of the prophets; there will be no prophet after me.” (Tirmizi, Vol. 2, p. 45).

Said Hazrat Masih (Jesus) bin Maryam:

“Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying I am Masih; and shall deceive many….. And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many….. Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo here is Masih, (e.g. in qadiyan), or there; (e.g. in Iran or Sudan), believe it not. For there shall arise false Masihs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before.” (Matthew: 24: 4, 5, 11, 23-25).


Hameed Nizami

“It seems that Pakistanis embassies in foreign countries are stations for preaching of Qadiyaniat and are parties (Mirzaiat) offices.”

Maulana Akhtar Ali Khan

“I devote mine and “the Zamindar’s” services for the promotion of Islam and the real of prophet hood. I will use my potential in the report of the demand to declare the Qadiyanies as a minority. Now there is the question of ‘do or die’. Whether the Mirzaiat or we will remain alive. The Muslims have made up their minds to root out Qadiyaniat. Now every one is ready, even to risk his life. If the leaders do not accept our demands, they do not deserve using authority. If by opposing Mirzaiat a man becomes an ‘Ahrari’, I am the first ‘Ahrari’.

If Master Tajuk Din Ansari and Hassan-ud-Din, the administrator, President Majlise Ahrar Islam Pakistan makes a speech on the real of prophet hood, they are locked up in dark jails. While Sir Zaffarullah Qadiyani, the minister for foreign affairs, is not inquired into for making provoking speech against Muslims openly in a procession in Lahore. The Article 144 does not come into force (is not enforced).”

Z.A. Salahri

I spent my conscious life in the desire that the Muslims must fulfill their responsibilities towards the Qadiyani issue. It could not prepare in a free Muslim society. The Qadiyani mission was to damage Islam teaching and to achieve this and they degraded the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) Personality”.

Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami

“The difficulty is that in spite of creating a prophet for them and having different identity from those of Muslims, this denies to be called non-Muslims. Their many preachers and followers mislead people by publishing the extracts from Mirza Qadiyanies books, which were written before his claim of Prophet Hood.

They try to be treated like the opposes and repressed. On the name of tolerance and openness, the modern educated class is especially being targeted. The Qadiyanies are requested to read the writings of their elders with a broad mind and then judge about themselves. I also request the readers of my writings to go deep in the issues and I hope that soon they will reach the conclusion that the Qadiyani issue is not a stunt of the ‘Moulvies’(religious Scholars). The Muslims have been and are demanding that the Qadiyanies be declared reportage from the Muslims. Their opposition is not due to Prejudice or narrow mildness. But this is the demand of their love for God and His Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) and their Faith.”

The truth is that there is a huge difference between the Muslims and the Qadiyanies. Both are quite reportage from each other. If the Qadiyanies do not come in the guise of Islam and they accept themselves as a separate entity, the Muslims wrath against them may divert. After it, the Muslims may continue their war against their falsehood with pen. They will not go beyond it. However, these disguised dacoits rob the Muslim Ummah and try to eliminate the difference between the true and the false, the genuine and the imitation. They try to prince darkness as light. It provokes Muslims emotions and in vengeances they seek to treat them like dacoits– being dacoits of religion.”

Nazeer Naji

This group was declared non-Muslim in the reign of Zullifqar Ali Bhutto. The truth is that I did not like whatever said against them after this step. I thought that Muslims Scholars were doing injustice by demanding a separate social identity for Qadiyanies and their removal from Key Pests. I thought that these things are part of basic human rights so they should get those rights. However, I was surprised to see a picture published in ‘Nawaiwaqat’. This picture has been taken from ‘The Jerusalem post’ of 22nd November 1985. In this photograph, two persons are sitting obediently. They are Sheikh Shared Ahmad Ameeny and Sheikh Muhammad Hameed Kapar. Sheikh Ameeny is introducing the new head of their group to the Israeli president. They are paying thanks to the president for the liberties they have in Israel. This is a very thought provoking photograph.

Only those can estimate who knows Israeli real force that what this meeting stands for. The president is welcoming the new one. Israeli state is the greatest Mafia of the World. Its target is the Muslims of the world. Israel is not more a state but a centre– the centre for Jadishness, the center for international capitalism, the center for the conspiracies against the poor nations of Africa and Asia, and the center for international terrorism. These are realities which are considered even by intellectuals of Europe and America.

A group enjoying good and friendly relations with such a country cannot be Muslim’s friend. I am not skeptic towards the mirzai but Israel they are not kind to anyone without anything. Now the Muslims are to think that what interest Israel has with this group. The readers must be aware that Israel considers Pakistan its severest enemy. Israel’s military has deep research over it that how Pakistan can be dangerous for Israel what Israel should do to prevent this danger. The Jewish institutions of the whole of the world are working to destabilize Pakistan. While these people do something for Qadiyanies, will they not demand anything in return?

The Ulmaas demand of the removal of Mirzai from Key Posts; based on religious faith. However, the demand of Pakistan defense is also the same that we should be careful about these people. We should be very vigilant. If they do, nothing wrong then we should be skeptic against them. Because, of their relations with India and Israel. The way of their organizations Pakistan is very strange and mysterious. They prefer the instructions from this centre to all things. My opinions will seem strange to you. If in the beginning of this century (20th century) the Muslims in Palestine have thought in the lines that I mentioned about the Mirzai, perhaps they would not have been banished. They were in majority but not vigilant. The Jews spread their roots gradually in every lifestyle and then destroyed the whole nation in spite of being a minority. If any one tried to point out danger, it seemed then as insignificant as my remarks about Qadiyanies. Our broad minded people think such things contrary to fashion. The intellectuals of Pakistan must have thought in same manner. The result of their nation is before everyone. The group hat is Israel’s alley and friend should not be taken light and insignificant. It means that world most organized monetary and military forces are supporting them. These forces are anti-Pakistan. If these forces patron a group, it needs extraordinary intelligence to know what type of services this group would provide.”

Iqtadar Ahmad (editor ‘Nida-e-khilafat’)

“The Qadiyanies will never succeed in their plan of breaking Pakistan. Their present head like his predecessors will remain unlucky because their dream of united India will not be realized by the Grace of God. ”

Muhammad Salahudin

I am not a Muslim scholar nor a Muslim Jurist but being a humble follower of Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) I have the ability to tear down any false claim of Prophet Hood. I accept the challenge of any “Mubahela” or ‘Manazra’ (dialect) to prove the falsehood of Qadiyani religion. One who offers a scholar challenge is like a preacher or one who invites and to whom the challenge is given is like the invited. You (Mirza Tahir Ahmad) arrange the place, date and time for Manazra or Mubahela.

Arrange my expenditures on travel. If you cannot do so, my religious followers will arrange for it. I will come and show u your real face and you will not be able to sustain your arguments for your factious ‘Zilly’ or ‘Brozy’ prophet hood with the help of logic. Then whoever deserves catastrophe, will not escape from God’s Wrath because ‘God is very severe in punishment.’

Zahid Malik (Chief Editor weekly the Hurmat)

The religious scholars of every age have the consensus about the real of Prophet Hood and that whoever claims Prophet Hood will be an infidel and out of the circle of Islam. Even rationally I reach the conclusion that there is no need for a new prophet. Therefore, in Pakistan and in all other Islamic countries all such persons should be declared infidels who after Muhammad (S.A.W) consider anyone else a prophet. Such a group should be considered infidel on the government level. In Pakistan with the help of God, people not only accepted the Government decision but also cart out such people from their lives and minds.”

Masood Shorish (Editor “Chitaan”)

“Qadiyaniat is a running sore of Muslim Ummah and as the late Shorish said ‘ An Israel of the non-Arabs’. With the help of unity, oneness, and integrity of the Muslim nation and by the sacrifice of the Muslims, there legal status in Pakistan has become of non-Muslims. According to Islamic teachings one who accepts Qadiyaniat after Islam is an apostate and is not concerned with Islam. Qadiyaniat is a tool in the hands of Jewish and a running sore of Muslim Ummah. Its every step is contrary to Islam; Satan guides its every planning. Every one is aware of it. However, they have free hand to conspire with the enemy against Pakistan. They are given privileges in journey. They are allowed to continue their destructive activities.”

Aga Murtaza Poya (Chief Editor the Muslim Islamabad)

“Qadiyani group or class is a product of British imperialism. This dangerous political party works for the interests of their masters and patrons. Qadiyani should be treated as Behais were rated in Islam. Government should keep eye on this party otherwise; this movement may prove dangerous like the Qadiyani party.”

Abdul Kareem (a Journalist)

“Allama Iqbal had said that ‘Qadiyani are the traitors of Muslim world’. Iqbal was not prejudice or emotional in his opinion. His opinion was based on truth and realities. In fact, Qadiyani cannot be loyal and sincere to the Muslim world because according to their faith the completely Muslim world is the world of infidels. How can they be well-wisher of those to whom they consider infidels? That is why treachery with the Muslim world, conspiracies against the Muslim countries and rejoicing at the calamities of the Muslim nations form the political history of Qadiyaniat.

After the creation of Pakistan, the Qadiyani used indirect methods to gain authority and evolved such a foreign policy as was according to the will of their imperialistic masters. They disgraced Pakistan in the Muslim world and spoiled Pakistan’s relations with Muslim countries. In the country the broke up Nazim-ud-Din’s ministry and get, Liaquat Ali Khan martyred. They power to Ghulam Muhammad. They consider democracy a poison for them. That is why they made evil designs against democracy. They blocked the way of democracy and strengthened the dictators. Now by contacting and making conspiracies with the foreign forces, they want to breakup Pakistan and establish a Qadiyani state in the territory of Pakistan. ”

Atta-Ul-Haq Qasmi

The cause of the conflict between the “Ahmedi” and the Muslims was not only the fictitious prophet hood of Mirza Qadiyani but also the use of Islam terminology meant for holy men and places. To veil this real design Mirza Qadiyani declared himself such a prophet that did not bring any Shariyat but claimed of enforcing the Shariyat (Islamic Law) of Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam). Therefore, he started the debate of ‘Zilly’ and ‘Brozy’ prophet. But his followers expressed his thoughts in averse:

“Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) has descended again among us, and with a greater glory. Therefore, whoever wants to see a perfect Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) he should see Ghulam Ahmed in Qadiyan.

Likewise, against ‘Jannet-ul-Baqi’ a cemetery was formed with the same name, as ‘Masjid-e-Aqsa’ constructed. The vicegerents of Mirza Qadiyani were called ‘Khalefa’, the first and ‘Khalefa’, the second, etc. The wives of Mirza were declared as ‘Umhat-ul-Momeneen’. The followers of Mirza Qadiyani were called ‘Sahaby’. In this way they showed ‘complete harmony’ with the Muslims. I think that is a misunderstanding that the Muslims declared the ‘Ahmedies’ as non-Muslim. But the fact is that they already had declared Muslims infidels. I am offering two examples as a proof. A disciple asked Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mehmood that whether it was just to offer funeral prayer of a child of the non-Ahmedies? Mirza Bashir-ud-Din said, “I ask you if a child of a Christian or Hindu dies, will you offer his funeral prayer”.

In the same way at the time of the offering of the Quaid-e-Azam funeral prayer Sir Zaffarullah Khan was sitting in a relaxed mood in a corner. A journalist asked him about not participating in the funeral prayer. He replied “Whether you consider me a non-Muslim citizen of a Muslim state or a Muslim citizen of a non-Muslim state (I will not say prayer)”. I want to say that if there is a plan to deviate Muslims from their centre, a factious prophet is created against Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam), Qadiyan and Rabwah are constructed against Mecca and Medina. Hakeem Noor-ud-Din is brought against Hazrat Abu Bakar (Razi-Allah-ho-Talaa-Anhum). As a result, those who call themselves servants try to become masters gradually and believers of true religion lose connection with real centre, real personality, and real symbols associated with a central personality.

Lala Sehrai - (A renowned journalist)

“The Quran has likened truth (Kalama e Haq) with a pure tree that spreads from the earth to sky and its roots go very deep in earth. So it cannot be removed. On the contrary, falsehood, evil (Kalama e Batil) has been likened with a dirty tree that spreads like a poisonous bush on the surface of the earth. Its roots are no deeper. To remove it the righteous people require a light effort. So, not suppressing is the nature of Truth. While the Evil is suppressed because it has no real basis. The evil cannot stand against the truth.

Apart from this simile there are certain realities that unveil the evil of Qadiyaniat. In this connection an incident is very important that took place in Mirza Ghulam Ahmed’s life. Those were hey days of Qadiyaniat. During those days Mirza Ghulam Ahmed sent two of his preachers to the King of Afghanistan in Kabul for preaching his religion. When these preachers reached the court in Kabul and offered the teachings of their religion and asked the king to have faith in Mirza Ghulam Ahmed as a prophet, the King asked: “What was your religion before you had faith in the prophet hood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed?”. The Qadiyani preachers replied at once: “Islam”. The King asked the jurist about the punishment of an apostate. The jurist replied that the punishment for apostasy was murder. The King addressed the preachers: “You yourselves have admitted that before you believed in a false prophet when you were Muslims. It means that now you are apostates. The jurist has also given the verdict that an apostate deserves death. So, I order the executioner to kill you at once”. In this way the two preachers were beheaded there and then.

After it, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed nor his vicegerents and disciples ever dared to send preacher to Afghanistan. They sent their preaching troops in such far off places as Africa and Europe; but not in Afghanistan. Its reason is that the bold Muslim ruler of Afghanistan nipped the evil in the bud. On the contrary, in Africa the anti-Islam forces are facilitating their work so that they may penetrate in the English colonies of Africa and Israel. There they are successful in spreading their evil mission.

This incident reveals that the forerunners of Qadiyaniat cannot bear even a light stress. This artificial plant needs the protection of rulers otherwise; it cannot flourish. While Truth is a force, that will prove itself in spite of the opposition. Even according to the rule, Qadiyaniat is a false and evil group.

Professor Dr. Maskeen Ali Hijazi (Ex-Chairman Mass Communication P.U)

“As far as the Qadiyaniat is concerned it brought no benefits for Muslims. On the other hands it caused confusion and anarchy. A group continued preaching Qadiyaniat…. not only the ‘Ulamas’ but also the common Muslims never accepted whatever they were saying. The seal of prophet hood forms the part of Muslims’ faith. No effort to work or efface the seal of prophet hood can be beneficial for Islam or Muslims. So, every ideology that caused disunity and confusion among Muslims always proved harmful.

The energy and resources that Muslims utilized for the rejection and eradication of Qadiyaniat, if were used in another direction could have resulted positively. However, the protection of the seal of prophet hood was also an important task. Whoever did or doing work for it will have their reward with Allah.”

Muhammad Ashraf - (A renowned journalist)

“Now we should understand it; that Qadiyanies will take advantage of your slight negligence. Their huge budget is spent on preaching for infidelity, storing arms, conspiring against Pakistan, efforts that anti-Islam forces should overcome the Islamic world and occupy Mecca and Medina. The money for budget goes from your pockets. Whatever income and profits they get from the business transaction with you goes to the fund in Rabwah. Therefore, they should not be allowed to mix up with you in any way.

The Qadiyanies are born enemies of Islam and Muslim Ummah. The enmity with Islam is the base of Qadiyaniat. The movement starts from rebellion against the seal of prophet hood and prohibition of Jihad. On political level, they made contacts with Israel, Muslim worlds and Islam’s dead enemy. Their mission is working in Israel. Qadiyaniat has always been something against the Muslim world. After Pakistan came into emergence, they prepared an evil design of united India. From Pindi Conspiracy case to the fall of Dhacca they have their hands in every conspiracy. They made failed efforts to make Balochistan a Qadiyani state. To fulfill the Qadiyani plans they formed ‘Furqan Force’ in Pakistan Army. They planned to use army to establish ‘Rabwah state’. Their people reached the key posts and like rats, they entered in each state department-schools, colleges, universities, communication-Radio, television, newspapers, ministries, assemblies, foreign policy, embassies etc. They made Rabwah a centre of conspiracies. Rabwah became headquarter of Israel and India’s embassies.

They used Quran, mosques, teaching, and preaching to get their political aims. They trained thousands of horse men, runners, cyclists, pedestrians and out of the country they collected millions of rupees as a ‘preaching fund’. They used this money for making conspiracies and spreading infidelity.

To express their force and to gauge indignation of the people of Pakistan, these political wicked made hall on Rabwah Railway Station. However, within hours they came to know that the owners of the house are vigilant.

Sometime ago 140 organizations from the Islamic world met under ‘Rabta A’lam-e-Islami’ and declared the Qadiyanies infidels and spies in the Muslim world. They appealed all the Muslim states to declare them out of the circle of Islam and remove them from all the government and non-government jobs. In this meeting the decision for their complete economic and social boycott was also taken. Keeping in view this decision ‘All Pakistan Majlis for the Protection of ‘Khatm-e-Nubuwwat’ decided that Muslims of Pakistan should implement the decision at once and prove their national and religious indignation and honor by breaking away with the Qadiyanies.

Acting upon this decision is the religious and national responsibility of all the Muslims. Whoever commits negligence in following this decision will be Islam’s a Muslim’s enemy. Such a person is either not sincere with the Muslims and Islam or he favors Qadiyaniat. Such a person cannot be reliable among Muslims.

In what fields the Qadiyanies should be boycotted. Briefly it can be said that from life to death there should be no contact between a Qadiyani and a Muslim. And in detail it can be stated that:

# No shopkeeper should have any product of the Mirzai in his shop, nor should he sell anything to a Mirzai.

# No Muslim patient should consult any Mirzai doctor or Hakeem for his treatment nor should any Muslim doctor treat any Mirzai patient.

# No Muslim should travel in a bus, rickshaw, or tanga owned by a Mirzai, nor should he allow any Mirzai passenger to travel in his riding.

# No Muslim shopkeeper or firm should hire any Mirzai servant, nor should a Muslim do job in a Mirzai firm or shop.

# No Muslim student should attend a Mirzai teacher’s lectures nor should a Muslim teacher teach any Mirzai student.

# No Muslim Press should publish any material of the Mirzai. No Muslim newspaper should publish any advertisement of a Mirzai firm. No hawker should sell newspaper to any Mirzai.

# No Muslim should give his shop or house to any mirzai on rent nor should he take the same from any Mirzai.

# No Muslim should take the services of a Mirzai lawyer for litigation nor should a Muslim follow the case of a Mirzai.

# No Mirzai should be allowed to be buried in the cemetery of Muslims. No Mirzai should be invited in a Muslim’s funeral and marriages.

# No Muslim should sit among Mirzai nor should they be allowed to sit among Muslims. One should prepare a list of Qadiyanies living in his vicinity (surrounding) and keep an eye on their movements and activities.

# They should not be allowed to preach. Whenever they are preaching or distributing their literature should be stopped. Taking it a religious duty every Muslim should follow all these things himself and spread these among his fellows.

“May Allah make us sincere with the Prophet Hood of Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam), Muslim Ummah, and Islam, Allah’s Last religion? And may Allah like us for spreading and safeguarding Islam.”(Aameen)

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August 25th, 2006

“No Mirzai (owing to his infidelity) can enter Saudi Arabia.”


“The Qadiyani association of Switzerland sent a humorous application to SHAH FAHED of Saudi Arabia that the head of their religion be invited for performing hajj in Saudi Arabia. Shah Fahad replied “If the head of the Qadiyani group comes here rejecting the accused Mirza Qadiyani, we will honor him but if he comes here as a follower of Mirza Qadiyani then remember that he is coming in Hijaz and that he will be dealt as Muselema Kazaab was dealt by Hazrat Abu Baker (Razi-Allah-ho-Talaa-Anhum)”. To hear this Mirzai lost their senses.

“A group of Qadiyanies applied for the permission of performing Hajj. The Saudi government reiterated its plea that any non-Muslim cannot be allowed to enter the Holy Land. Shah Fahad said, “I am a humble servant of Mecca and Madina and no one will be allowed to damage the honor of the HOLY LAND. Qadiyanies have been declared non Muslims. So it is impossible for a group of Qadiyani to enter the Holy Land and perform hajj.”

SHIEKH MUHAMMED ABDULLAH (Orator and Imam of Masjid ul Haram)

“The Qadiyani group is busy in making mischievous against Islam and Muslims and their people are Muslims’ dead enemies. I pray God for the help of all the Muslims of Pakistan, especially those who are working in ‘Majlis-e-Khatm-e-Nubuwwat’. May God give ability to government and the rulers to follow the truth and root out evil? May God give then strength to follow ‘Din-e-Hanif’ and to root out all the mischievous especially the Qadiyaniat? And may God save as from all the mischievous and evils.” (Aamin)

“The Qadiyanies are Islam’s enemies. Who ever do not consider Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) the last prophet of God, is an infidel. Qadiyanies are flourishing in Pakistan and they are engaged to fulfill their anti Islam plans. For enforcing presidential Ordinance, President Zia Ul Haq will have his reward from ALLAH and Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) on the day of judgment.”


“The Qadiyanies yearn to work in the guise of Muslims so that they may not reveal themselves as Qadiyanies. In this way by living among Muslims they want to get double edge. They divide the Muslims and weak their strength and strengthen their economic and political power. Because of this fraud they occupied “woo King Shah Jahan Masjid”, London and in 1926 on the inauguration of Qadiyani of Place of worship, Fazal south field London, they tried to persuade and snare Shah Faisal. But in spite of their insistence Shah Faisal did not agree and their plan failed. Shah Faisal said “In fact under the guise of religion it is a political movement.”

ABDUL AZIZ BIN ABDULLAH (Vice Chancellor, Madina University)

“The person who says that Christ(AS) was murdered and hanged, or the migrated to Kashmir where he died a natural death after a long time, or that was not coma again but a Maseeh’(like him) would come, is an infidel. As Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani claims, ‘I am like Christ, now I will perform the duty (of Christ). A person having such thoughts, in fact, declares God and His Messenger (SA) liar (God forgiven) and such a person is infidel. After giving arguments from Quran and Sunnah such as person be demanded to repent. If he does not repent and returns to truth, he should be murdered in his state of infidelity”.

SHEIKH ABDULLAH BIN HASAN (The Arch- mufti Makkah)

“There is no doubt in the infidelity of one who claims Prophet Hood, for there will be no Prophet after Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W). Whoever testifies Mirza Qadiyani or follows him is in infidel like the claimant of Prophet Hood. His marriage alliance with the Muslims as prohibited.”


“Qadiyanies are Pakistani’s enemies and Islam’s traitors. To hunt them is the collective religion responsibilities of all the Muslims”.


“To face the UN Islamic activities of the transgressed Qadiyanies and behaves the Islamic research academy, Egypt, has appealed all the Muslims to utilize all their resources against them. The academy has made them responsible for spreading anti Islamic and criminal thoughts. These transgressed people are playing the role of vagabonds, it is imperative for Muslims to face their criminal activities at every level. Following the instruction of administrator of AL-AZHAR University the Islamic Research Academy has prepared a research analysis which throws light on the historical factors of transgressed groups. This analysis is revealed that the principles and philosophies of these groups are man made and that they have nothing in common with Islam. The research shows that these groups are the products of the Jews and colonial forces; that they have caused much loss to Muslim World. Because these forces are engaged in anti Islam activities, so all the Muslims should get united and using their all materials and littering resources should face these enemies of Islam.


“Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) is the last prophet of God and no prophet will be sent again till the Doomsday. So, whoever claims any Prophet Hood after Hazrat Muhammad (SA) is a liar, accuses and denies of the Book and the Sunnah that is why we( the religion scholars on the right path) have issued the ‘Fatwa’ of infidelity of all the followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani. Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani and his group say that he is Prophet and that revelation is sent to him by God. In addition, we also issue the ‘Fatwa’ that neither any marriage alliance should be made with them nor they should be buried in Muslims’ graveyards.

Supporting the Mufti(Jurist) of Egypt Jamal Abdul Nasir, the President of Egypt, declared them illegal, banned their Preaching activities and confiscated (seized) their whole Property and sealed up their offices.


“The opponent of Islam has taken Islamic teachings as humorous but now it is our duty to prove the world that we are still working for the revival of the glory of Islam.

Dear brothers: I feel ache in my heart when I see billions of Muslims leading the lives of slaves.

My friends: If time demands, I will be in the vanguard to be martyred for the safety of honor of Islam. You are free to use every possible lawful means to root out the accused Qadiyani group. I give you glad tidings of your success.”


“Thanks God! We are Muslims and our country is Islamic. In the first century of Hijrat, our ancestors accepted Islam by Hazrat Aqbah Bin Aamir (Razi-Allah-ho-Talaa-Anhum), a devoted companion of the Holy Prophet. From that time to the present day we are reeking guidance form Islam sight. We believe in the oneness of Allah and the real of Prophet Hood of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W). Though we are poor, but we are ready to lay down our lives for the cause of Islam. We will not be lead by greed or any interest in abandoning Islam and accepting the great offers of Christianity. How we accept Qadiyaniat, which denies the real of Prophet Hood?”

Maulana Shamruddin Qasmi, Maulana Raghib Hasan, Maulana Aziz ul Rehman, Maulana Athar Ali, Maulana Sakhwat Alambia( Majlis e Tahafuz e Khatme Nabuwat, Bangladesh).

“Qadiyaniat has become a challenge for the Muslims of Bangladesh. The Qadiyanies think that they have no resistance here and they can easily make the simpleton Muslims apostates.

It is their misunderstanding. The Muslims here are poor but will not sell their Faith. After 1947, Qadiyanies strengthened themselves here. In the reign of President Ayyub, a tract of two hundred acres was allotted to Qadiyanies on behalf of M.M. Ahmed Qadiyani. There they established a Qadiyani Colony, “Ahmed Nager”.

The Qadiyani group started its Provoking activities in Bangladesh. Now they will not be free to continue their activities. By the Grace of God, the accused Qadiyaniat will be eradicated.

Qadiyaniat is a running sere for the Muslim World. When the Qadiyanies distributed the altered copies of the Bengali translation of the Quran, it provoked the Muslims. Muslims of Bangladesh will never tolerate such an evil act at al.


“We were given the impression that Muhammadi religion and Ahmedi religion are the same. Ahmedi (Qadiyani) Organization deceived us and introduced themselves as Muslims. They said that they called themselves as ‘Ahmedi’ just for the sake of introduction. They offered that they would build houses and roads and provide facilities. People thought of killing two birds with one stone People thought that their Faith being safe why they should not get facilities. They accepted Qadiyaniat. But now we have come to know that the real of Prophet Hood is the basic element of Islam. Mirza Qadiyani claimed Prophet Hood. His followers give him the status of a Prophet.

Qadiyaniat has no concern with Islam. They very name of their Din Ahmedi is a deception. Now I am clear about Qadiyaniat. I repent from Qadiyaniat. I along with my forty thousand followers repent from Qadiyaniat. Now no Qadiyani will dare to transgress People. Now the government of Mali has not only rejected their application for registration but also has banned their Preaching activities for ever. Orders have been issued for the arrest of four agents of Mirza Tahir Qadiyani. In this way with the efforts of ‘International Committee for the Protection of the Seal of Prophet Hood’ the forty thousand People who have turned to Qadiyaniat have again accepted Islam. Now while Islam’s truth is clear to them, they have sacrificed all the benefits and preferred Islam”.


“Enmity with the Muslims is in the blood of the Qadiyanies. Pakistan is in their special target. Qadiyanies in Pakistan are engaged in terrorist activities, spreading sectarianism, promoting provincial and linguistic differences and creating discontentment among people. Pakistani’s religious scholars and head of government should take them seriously. To destroy Pakistan they are trying to launch a movement like that of the one in East- Pakistan. In the Nigeria conflict Israeli and Qadiyani workers are responsible for so much blood shed of the Muslims”.


“We are watching for an opportunity to root out the Qadiyanies. Now the time is not far away, when the whole world will see the real face of these agents of the colonial Powers. Islam is a complete religion and there will be no Prophet after Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W). Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani is from the lineage of Muslema Kazaab or (Muslema Kazaab is Mirza Qadiyani Forerunner).


“Now the anti-Islam forces are trying to create divisions in Muslim Ummah. The Mirzai class started from Qadiyani, a town in India. Mirza Ghulam Ahmed claimed of being Prophet and Christ. Through his cunningness and art he influenced People. Some foolish People took an oath of allegiance to him and accepted his Prophet Hood.”

“Mirza Qadiyani tried to alter the meaning of the verses of the Holy Quran and enter his name in the verses. He abolished Jihad and declared Qadiyan, instead of Mecca, as the centre of Muslims. He claimed of being God’s friend and of receiving revelations from Him. He also made a claim that he had all the signs of the Promised Christ in him and so People should have Faith in him.

After Mirza’s death, his heirs are treading on the same false track set by Mirza Qadiyani. They do not hesitate in committing the meanest activities. They did their best to humiliate Muslims and to deprive Muslims of their right. They claim that except them all the Muslims are infidels.

Basher-ud-Din Mehmood, Mirza Qadiyani vicegerent thought himself the spiritual leader of the World. He used to say to People that because of his curses the whole world would suffer in diseases and anguish.

This debased group rejoiced over Turkey’s defeat in World War II. Their pleasure knew no bounds at the fall of Bangladesh and the expulsion of the Turks from Arabia. I expect from the Turks that they would continue their efforts, according to their might, to root out this mischief.”


“The Jews showed scholastic dishonesty in such topics as Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W). Prophet Hood, Jihad, Revelation. But the Qadiyanies are the personification of all the dishonesties of the Jews.”

“The beliefs of the Qadiyanies are the product of those Jews orient lists of 18th century who tried their level best to declare Jihad ‘Haraam’ (Prohibited)”.


“May you be successful in all the Worlds (here and in hereafter). The Qadiyani religion is a satanic and un-Islamic belief. In the light of the teachings of Quran and Hadith we consider them reprobate and the rejected ones. We invite all the Muslims to come forward to wage a Holy war against this mischief.”


“As a result of the constitutional campaign to declare the Qadiyanies a non-Muslim minority. The Qadiyanies suffered a set back even out of Pakistan. In addition, the People who have been trapped by the Qadiyanies repented from Qadiyaniat and turned towards the real Islam. Such people are in great number. An ex-head of the Qadiyanies in Nigeria is also one of these people. Qadiyanies have three offices in Kenya. It is pity that in spite of having been declared non-Muslims the Qadiyanies are still influenced in government institutions. The Qadiyani officer is continuing their evil designs-and a state that claims Islam is ignoring their activities. The Qadiyani officials, that entered Pakistani embassies in foreign countries in the days of exterior ministry of Zaffer Ullah, are still active (engaged in their satanic activities)”


“The Qadiyani group is a running sore for the Islamic World. This group is active in the whole world as an agent to the anti-Islamic global colonial powers. All of us should take in the Holy war against them.”


“The Holy Qur’an is very clear about it that Hazrat Muhammad (SA) is the last Prophet of God. There is a Muslim consensus to it. Having a faith contrary to it is infidelity. So, the person who believes in the continuation of Prophet Hood is an apostate and due to apostasy his marriage alliance breaks.

SHEIKH ABUL YASER A’BEDEIN (A Muslim Jurist, Republic of Syria)

“The people of Syria were much worried about the Qadiyanies. So the arch Muslim jurist issued a ‘Fattawa’ (verdict) on 15th October, 1957 and declared them infidels.

After the necessary procedure of the interior ministry, the Inspector General of police was informed about the verdict at once. As a result, the I G Police issued a notification that follows:

“The notice makes it compulsory that the activities of Ahmediya group be banned. After raid on their centers, the whole property be confiscated and be handed over to Auqaf department. If such papers as indicate any activity (of Qadiyanies), after the issuance of the verdict and our Proclamation, are recovered, there be sent to us.”


“There is not a single person in china who believes in a false Prophet. All the Muslims have faith in Hazrat Muhammad (SA) as the last Prophet of God. After Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W), Prophet Hood has ended. No Muslim of China can even imagine that there may be so cheater and liar a person who claims Prophet Hood after the last Prophet (S.A.W).


“Naimatullah Qadiyani was caught in July 1925 in Afghanistan. After apostasy and spying proved, he was stoned to death”


“After going in to the matter minutely, the Federal Assembly of Malaysia gave verdict in October 1974 that the Qadiyanies are out of the circle of Islam.”


“Indonesian minister for religion matters has told in an interview that the government has decided to ban Mirzaiyet and the investigation to collect information about them has been started. The government is also considering dealing with them with an iron hand. According to a government spokesman ninety percent population of the country comprises true Muslims who believe in the real of Prophet Hood and consider these infidels having a contrary faith. According to the spokesperson, a close research is being made to know as to how much negatively Mirzaiyet has influenced the masses. The government is unaware of the exact figure of the Mirzai in the country”.


“Abu Dhabi ministry for religion matters and Auqaf has pronounced that no club or organization of the Qadiyanies will be allowed to do any activity in Abu Dhabi. In the pronouncement, people have been in formed that the Islamic Conference has declared the Qadiyanies infidels. It further says that Qadiyanies cooperate with the colonial powers and to transgress Muslims they do anti-Islam activities under the guise of Islam. It has been said in the pronouncement that Qadiyanies will not be buried in Abu Dhabi and that any certificate or document issued by any Qadiyani organization will not be acceptable.”


Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

When coming back from Kashmir the Quaid-e-Azam was asked about Qadiyaniat, he replied, “My opinion is the same as of ‘Ulmaas’ and the whole nation.” He means that like the while nation he considered the Qadiyanies as infidels.

Allama Muhammad Iqbal (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“Khatm-e-Nubuwwat’ means that if a person after accepting Islam claims that he receives revelation and that whoever does not join his group is an infidel, is a liar and deserves death. Muselema Kazzab was killed for the same reason, though, as Tabri wrote, he affirmed Holy Prophet’s Prophet Hood and there was also affirmation of the Holy Prophet’s (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) Prophet Hood in his ‘Azan’ (call for Prayer)”.

“The Qadiyanies offer the logic that while they accept Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) as the Last Prophet of God, how they can be non-Muslims. However, the reality is that when after accepting the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) as the last prophet one also testifies the prophet hood of another new false prophet, one nullifies one’s claim of accepting the seal of prophet hood. So, one does not become infidel just by denying the Prophet Hood of Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) accepting any new prophet also makes one infidel”.

Here is and outline of Iqbal thoughts about Qadiyaniat.

1. Qadiyaniat is an imitation of Jewish ness.

2. Such terminologies as ‘Zill’ (Shadow), ‘Broz’, ‘Halool’ (penetration), ‘Messiah Moud’ (The promised Christ) are un-Islamic

3. They are against the unity of the Muslims.

4. They are blasphemous against Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam).

5. For Mirza Qadiyani Muslim Ummah is like putrefied milk.

6. In Islamic law after the Finality of Prophet hood, any claimant is a liar and deserves death.

7. The Qadiyanies deny seal of Prophet Hood.

8. The Qadiyanies are treacherous toward Islam as well as the country (Letter to Jawaharlal Nehru)

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“Any rational being who is aware of Islam’s principles cannot accept the claims made by Mirza Qadiyani for a single moment. There are just two possibilities and not the third one – the doctrines stated by the Quran are either sufficient for salvation or not. If the Quran is sufficient, then there is no command of believing in any new claimant of prophet hood. On the other hand, if there a certain other conditions for salvation other than stated by Quran, then the Quran is a flawed Book. Moreover, the Quran is not justifying in declaring, “To day we have completed the ‘Dean’ (Religion) for you….” There are the two ways open before every Muslim to tread upon. He may opt any one. If one has faith in the Quran, then there is no scope for new conditions for salvation. If the new conditions for salvation are relied on, then there is no scope for the Quran.”

Maulana Zafar Ali Khan (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“We consider Mirza Qadiyani an arch liar. By associating his false prophet hood with the seal of prophet hood, he is quietly of blasphemy. He openly attacked the honor of Muhammad (S.A.W). I will not give up my belief for a single moment that Mirza Qadiyani was a liar, a liar and an arch liar. I am bound to the law and commands given by Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam).”

Khan Liaquat Ali Kahn

Last days a disclosure published in a weekly ‘Takbir’ (March 1986) startled the political circles in Pakistan. The disclosure was with reference to the memories of James Solomon Winston, Pakistan’s famous detective. It was revealed that Liaquat Ali Khan was not murdered by Syed Akbar but by James Kinzey, a German Qadiyani. This man had close ties with Zafer ullah Khan Qadiyani, the ex exterior minister. The whole plan was the product of the destructive mind of Zaferullah Khan Qadiyani.

The report concerning the murder is in the office of the Central Intelligence Karachi.

The cause of the murder is that at the order of Syed Ata-ul-Allah Shah Bokhari (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh) Qazi Ahsan Ahmad Shuja Abadi met Liaquat Ali Khan, he then prime minister of Pakistan. He was allotted a five minutes for the meeting, but when Qazi Ahsan Ahmad unveiled the Qadiyaniat, Liaquat Ali Khan was bewildered and five-minutes meeting changed into two and half hours meeting. In a robbing voice he said, “Now the burden is not on your shoulders but on mine”.

In this meeting, Liaquat Ali Khan had made up his mind to declare the Qadiyanies as infidels. So Zaferullah Kahn got Liaquat Ali Khan murdered.

Doctor Abdul Qadeer Khan

“I completely agree to the report published in the weekly ‘Chitaan’ concerning the alleged conspiracy of the Qadiyanies regarding Pakistan’s Atomic Program. It is crystal clear that since a long time the Qadiyanies in compliance with the Jewish lobby have been engaged in a baseless propaganda regarding Pakistan’s atomic program. These people are causing disrepute for Pakistan, by using their influence they cause the western countries impose ban on Pakistan so that they may hamper our technical progress”.

Question: What is your opinion regarding to the Noble Prize awarded to Dr. Abd-us-Salam Qadiyani?

Answer: The prize was awarded on the basis of ideology. Since 1957, Doctor Abd-us-Salam had been making effort to get the Noble Prize. At last he was awarded with the Prize at the hundred year’s death anniversary of Ian Stain in real. The Qadiyanies have a mission in Israel that has been working for a long time. The Jews wished to favor their “friends” at Ain Stain’s death anniversary. In this connection, Dr. Abd-us-Salam was also awarded.

M.M. Alam (Retired Air Commodore)

“I was retired before time from my service due to the plotting of the Qadiyanies. After 1968 I was not allowed to go near ship and that is why I never received my pension. During the reign of Bhutto they plotted to expel me from army but Bhutto refused to do so.

The Qadiyanies have always been treacherous against the country and the nation. They spread the rumor about me that I am a Qadiyani. I curse upon them. Had I been a Qadiyani, I would have been a Commander in Pakistan Air Force. I have been personally damaged by them.

Abu-ul-Azar Hafeez Jalendhry

“Since the first day the Qadiyanies have been trying to destroy Pakistan, because it is the strong Islamic Republic of Pakistan which is a source of new life to all the Islamic countries. These agents of the Jews and the Christians are now doing their last frantic efforts. Whose ever faces then is an ‘Islamic Soldier’”.

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

I have faith in Islam. I am a Muslim and I am proud of being a Muslim. The Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) is the last Prophet of Almighty Allah. There is no possibility of a prophet after his. The decision has been mad. In addition, the decision is; that only those are Muslims who believe in the seal of Prophet Hood and whoever does not have a faith in the seal of Prophet Hood, is not a Muslim.

I can to know their evil designs just these days. I have never thought that the Qadiyanies could be so horrible.

General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq

Qadiyaniat is like cancer for Muslim World. Through different measures, the Pakistani government is trying to remove this cancer. The Muslims of South Asia should be proud of it that they have unveiled the false Prophet Hood of Mirza Qadiyani and made the world aware of his fraud and deception. The faith in the seal of Prophet Hood is not only a basic part of Islam but also a universal message for the completion of God’s religion and His blessing”.

Discussing the promulgation of the ordinance concerning the Qadiyanies, General Zia-ul-Haq said, “This ordinance has brought about good results and it will help in creating a Muslim society. By enforcing the ordinance concerning the Qadiyanies, the government has shown its will not only to restore the glory of Islam but also to root out the evils in society. The real danger we are facing is from there double-faced Qadiyanies who are among us in the guise of Muslims.

Bainazir Bhutto

Replying to a question Bainazir said, “Before declaring then as a non-Muslim minority, the Qadiyanies have been given the chance to prove that they believe in the seal of Prophet Hood. However, the stance of the Qadiyani leader in the National Assembly was of complete rejection of the Finality of Prophet Hood. So the unanimous opinion of the elected Assembly declared then as non-Muslim minority through and amendment in the constitution. So that amendment right and cannot be abolished”.

Muhammad Khan Junejo

The deniers of the Finality of Prophet Hood (the Qadiyanies) should be dealt with an iron hand. The contempt of the seal of Prophet Hood cannot be tolerated.”

Mian Nawaz Sharif

“Even the greatest penalty at the contempt of the Holy Prophet is no sufficient”.

Raja Muhammad Zafr-ul-Haq

“Islam cannot be imagined without the seal of Prophet Hood. Even the intellectuals and the educated people are unaware of the heaviness of this issue. They take the Qadiyanies as a sect among Muslims and are angry at the enforcement of the Presidential Ordinance. If there had been any room for tolerance Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) and Abu Bakar Siddique (Razi-Allah-ho-Talaa-Anhum) would not take so hard a stance and twelve hundred companions of the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) would not have laid down their lives”.


Federal Shara’i Court of Pakistan

(Mr. Justice Fakhr A’lam, Chief Justice,

(Mr. Justice Chaudhry Muhammad Siddique,

(Mr. Justice Maulana Malik Ghulam Ali,

(Mr. Justice Maulana Abdul Quddus Qasmi)

“In a 222 pages verdict the Federal Shar’i Court rejected an application filed by the Qadiyanies and declared that Qadiyani Ordinance is in no way contrary to Quran and Sunnah. Some Qadiyanies appealed the Federal Shar’i Court that some of the articles of Ordinance dated 1984 concerning the anti Islamic activities and speeches of the Ahmedies, the Qadiyani group, the Lahori group, should be declared as contrary to Quran and Sunnah. The court heard the application in detail.

The questions raised in the court were whether the prophet hood after Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) was continued. Whether he was the last prophet and no prophet could come after him. After hearing the explanation from Quran and Sunnah and the opinions of both the Shia and Sunny scholars, the court gave the verdict that the prophet hood has ended and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) was the last prophet.

The court also concluded that Christ would reappear as “follower” of Islamic Shari’at (law) and the Mirza Qadiyani was neither a promised Christ nor a Mehdi. In addition, the people who give false meaning to the verses of Quran are not Muslims and Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, who called himself a prophet, was infidel.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmed’s life reveal that he was wicked and cheater who gradually tried to prove himself a ‘Muhaddis’, ‘Zilly’ and ‘Brozy’ prophet and not only a prophet but also the Christ. All his foretelling and revelations proved to be false and to escape being laughed at he tried to prove through the interpretations his own writings that he had not claimed prophet hood. Mirza Ghulam Ahmed himself claimed that God hat sent revelations to him and that whoever did not accept him as a prophet after the message had reached him was infidel. Chaudhary Zaffar ullah Khan supported this claim who refused to participate in the funeral prayers of Quaid-e-Azam. The followers of Mirza Qadiyani did not allow the Muslims for ‘Azan’ in Qadiyan.

The court reached the conclusion that not allowing them using Islamic signs and terminologies did not mean interfering in their right to worship. They can do so if they do not reveal themselves as Muslims. Also they will not be allowed preach their faith and exaggerate about their faith.

The Qadiyanies will not use words like ‘Ummul Momeneen’, ‘Ameerul Momeneen’, and ‘Khalifatul Momeeen’ because these words will lead the Muslims to wrong. The same was the decision about the words used for the companions and family of the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam).

Muslims do feel hurt when Qadiyanies represent themselves as Muslims, act like them or use their names and titles. These things created the situation of law and order. So the court gave its verdict that the punishment and the fine that was enforced in the Ordinance of 1984 for using the Muslim specialties by the Qadiyanies was a just law.”

Justice Malik Ghulam Ali

“Qadiyaniat is an explosive mine spread under (Islam’s) walls by anti- Islam forces”.

Justice Khaleelur Rehman

“On 23 March 1989 the party of the Qadiyanies became of country years old. Government banned their hundred year’s celebrations. While rejecting a writ against this ban Justice Khaleelur Rehaman agreed with the state and people’s lawyers and wrote: “ Qadiyanies have the right not only to lead their life according to their faith but they have complete liberty like other minorities – Hindus, Sikhs, Parsees etc. But the Qadiyanies themselves have created problems for themselves by declaring themselves Muslims, by adopting ‘Kalama Tayyaba’ and the other Islamic rituals. There is the basis of Islam. If the Qadiyanies lead their lives according to the law prescribed for them and consider themselves a separate from Muslims, there will be nothing wrong in it. Their loyalty to the constitution and their status as a separate class will ensure their security and progress. How can they be allowed to pollute Muslims’ faith? If Muslims do something to safeguard their faith, the Qadiyanies should not be worried”.

Justice Gull Muhammad

“The Mirzai cannot express themselves as Muslims” or “The Mirzai cannot reveal Islam as their religion”

Mr. Ameerul Mulk Maingal (Balouchistan High court)

“After the whole discussion and arguments I have deduced that Article 298-b and 298-c of Pakistan Penal Code are two different crimes. The purpose of the article 298-b was that the names of the holy personalities, their epithets, and titles should be safeguarded from misuse. But the article 298-c declares that if any Qadiyani commits these things (of Article 298-B) he deserves punishment. When directly or indirectly any Qadiyani reveals himself as a Muslim or declares Islam as his faith or preaches his faith or provokes Muslim’s religious emotions anyway, he commits a crime.

Justice Muhammad Rafiq Tarar

“When the followers of Mirza Qadiyani use the words ‘Muhammad, the Prophet Of God ‘, they are blasphemous against Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam), the last Prophet of God”.

Justice Khaleelur Reman Ramday

“According to a design, the Qadiyanies are disobeying law by provoking Muslims’ religious emotions. According the decisions of the Higher Courts, ail of a person who commits crime repeatedly can not be accepted”.

Justice Mian Nazeer Akhtar

“To show themselves as Muslims, the Qadiyani or Lahori followers of Mirza Qadiyani cannot use the signs of Islam. The Qadiyanies a separate group and it has nothing to so with Muslim Ummah because Mirza Qadiyani openly disobeyed the Islamic teachings and falsely claimed Prophet hood and declared all those who did not have faith in his prophet hood as infidels. He went to extreme of declaring himself Adam, Moses (Alaihe Salaam), Christ (Alaihe Salaam) and even Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) (God forgive).

He dared to associate himself with the verses of the Quran revealed to Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam). For the Qadiyanies the word Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) in Kalama Tayyaba stands for Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani. In the same manner, they invoke God’s blessings for Mirza Qadiyani. It means that when the Qadiyanies recite ‘Kalama Tayyaba ‘or invoke God’s blessings for Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam), infect they have Mirza Qadiyani in their mind and heart. And while doing so they are blasphemous against the Holy name of Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam).”

Justice Mian Mehboob Ahmad

“To safeguard the seal of Prophet Hood is the responsibility of Prophet Hood is the responsibility of Muslim Ummah. With our pen, our practice, our tears, and our love our love we are fulfilling our duty of safeguarding. The beauty and prestige of the Muslim world depend on fulfilling this duty.

Today there are numbers of mischievous that are working against the concept of the seal of the prophet hood. Now it is the time to defend it boldly. I hope that Pakistan will be in the front line to get this honor. On the Day of Judgment when the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) will ask about our role in the defense of his (Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) honor, the Pakistanis will offer proudly their words and blood as a gift. I pray God for your name and my name in the list of the lovers of the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam). This is the great blessing that we can beg from God and no doubt the God is the hearer, the wise.

(If you are loyal to Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) not to speak of this world you should be the master of your fate and destiny.)”

Justice Kiani

Mirza Nasir in a speech that he made in Rubwah disclosed that there was no greenery in Rubwah. They dug 10 feet deep pits and fill these from the soil brought from outside and succeeded in growing big and large trees. On his turn Justice Kiani referred to Mirza Nasirs’s speech and said that he appreciated Mirza Nasir’s efforts. Then Justice Kiani said in a light way:

“You deserve prays. While you are success in planting a false prophet in the hard and rocky earth of the seal of prophet hood, growing a tree in the rocky earth of Rubwah was not a little bit difficult for you.”

Justice Javed Iqbal

Referring to his father Justice Javed Iqbal says:

“For Iqbal the new revival of Zoroast (fire worshipping) of before Islam brought to movements-Behaiat and Qadiyaniat. In a sense, Behaiat showed honesty by openly separating itself from Islam. However, Qadiyaniat is still sticking to sum of Islam’s appearances and rituals while deviating from its spirit and mission. According to Iqbal (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh) such terms as ‘Broz’, ‘Halool’ (penetration), and ‘Zill’ (shadow) were coined by the movements that deviated from the Islam in the Muslim Iran. Even the term” the promised Christ “is not the creation of Muslim conscious. In the end he says that the best way for the rulers of India is to declare the Qadiyanies a separate religious sect.”


Allama Anwar Shah Kashmiri (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“There is no doubt in Mirza Ghulam Ahmed’s being a reprobate. To consider him worse than Satan is part of Faith. Satan challenged a prophet, but this evil person had been wicked against all the Prophets. Mirza is the Arch-lair of this era.”

“As for as I am aware of history of Islam, I believe in the past fourteen hundred years; Qadiyaniat is the most horrible and the reverent of all the mischievous.” Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) will surely be pleased with the Person who devotes himself to uproot this mischief. Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) will like this deed more than other good deeds. I guarantee the paradise for the person who tries his level best to eradicate this mischief.”

Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanivi (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“Though the Lahori Qadiyanies do not take Mirza Qadiyani as a Prophet but, at the same time they do not declare his religious thoughts to be Profane. Not to take infidelity as infidelity is also infidelity. The person who does not consider Muselema Kazzab a prophet, but he does not call him a Profane and sacrilegious, can such a man be considered a Muslim. ”

Maulana Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“Mirza Qadiyani is a transgressor and all those who fellow him are also transgressors. It is safer for the Muslims to avoid the” company of the Qadiyanies, for there is no doubt in their being hypocrite and apostle. They have no concern with Islam.”

Maulana Mahmood al Hassan (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“No one, whether he is a learned or illiterate, can hesitate in forming the opinion that the Qadiyanies ate no mote Muslims. So, Mirza Qadiyani along with his followers is apostate, sacrilegious, blasphemous and infidel. Only the ignorant and the transgressor can believe in such a false faith.”

Maulana Muhammad Murtza Chand Puri (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“The Person is no more a Muslim who gives Mirza Ghulam Ahmed even the status of Lowest Muslims.”

Maulana Shabir Ahmed Usmani (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“Mirza Qadiyani is an apostate and heresy because of his rejection o an ultimate faith (Seal of Prophet hood) of Islam. After being well acquainted with Mirza Qadiyani thought, if any group, weather it be in Qadiyan or in Lahore, favors them, is also apostate and hypocrite. A man should openly declare the falsehood of Qadiyaniat otherwise; he himself will not be a safe man from God’s wrath.”

Maulana Qari Muhammad Tayyab (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“The Qadiyani group is no more a Muslim. To curb this satanic international Conspiracy, the Muslims should utilize all the best Possible means in their hands.”

Maulana Ahmad Ali Lahori (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“In the guise of Islam this sect is, in real, Islam’s enemy. I warn the (leaders in) Central government that is conscious of your relation with God. If you die today, what your answer will be when asked about role in ‘Khatm-e-Nubuwwat’. Your support to the Qadiyanies will ultimately lead you to hell.”

Maulana Muhammad Ali Mongeri (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“Write and publish against Qadiyaniat as much as Possible. A Muslim should find a new book against the Qadiyaniat at each morning.”

“Molvi Nazeer Ahsan was disabled of both the legs and he used to write the manuscript. Whenever he could not complete his work in time Maulana Muhammad Ali said him: “Work wholeheartedly, you will be got reward of ‘Jihad’…..No doubt; the reward of rooting out the Qadiyaniat is not less than of ‘Jihad’.

Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Shafi (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“Owing to ignorance and unawareness some People have countered towards Qadiyaniat. By means of Preaching” and argumentative Power they can be back to Islam. If it is come sincerely and devoted, a sufficient number of Qadiyanies will convert to Islam. It will be a boon for us if even a single Qadiyani is turned towards Islam due to our struggle.

On the other hand, it government’s responsibility to keep a vigilant eye on the activities of there people and cancel add the Privileges that they are enjoying. Government should provide them with jobs according to portion in population. More over a ban should be imposed on their preaching Qadiyaniat. The Government should manage to distribute such a literature through embassies of as could explain the Current Bill so that the Florien Countries might be aware of them. In this way the false Propaganda of the Qadiyanies, that they are being suppressed can be suppressed.”

Maulana Muhammad Yousaf Benori (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

The greatest mischief of the later ages is Mirza Qadiyani. This mischief started from Qadiyan; district Gurdaspur, in East Punjab. He developed his thoughts gradually. First he declared that he was a ‘Mujadded’ (revivalist of the millennium), then he declared of being a ‘Gher Tashrehi’ prophet and ultimately he claimed prophet hood. He also claimed that his revelation is like that of the Quran. He used to cop the miracles of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). He named his mosque ‘Masjid-e-Aqsa’. He called the minaret of the mosque ‘Minarat-ul-Messiah’ (Christ’s Minaret). He called the graveyard of his village ‘Bahishty Maqbara’ (the paradises graveyard). He also claimed that whoever was buried there, would rest in paradise.

He has been so much abusive and insolent towards Christ that it is impossible to tolerate such things. There is no example of a prophet who was insolent towards another prophet. Those who would not accept his prophet hood were called infidels. He exaggerated too much about himself and plunged deep in blasphemy. All his books are full of poisonous and sacrilegious matter. Any rational being is bewildered to go through his books. His personal life is so much corrupt that one hesitates even to mention it.

Maulana Lal Hussain Akhtar (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

The Qadiyanies have no regard even for the elder ones. Everyone is more wicked, cunning and false than others. Only those get their income increased and have honor in his Excellency’s (Mirza Qadiyani) eyes who are great liars. In this competition of telling lies every Qadiyani preacher, teacher and patron try to beat the others. They do not feel fear even from the illness that leads to death, the questioning on the dooms day and the Hell Fire.

Maulana Ubaid Ullah Anwar (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

There will be no prophet after the Last Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam). The prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) and his companions waged holy wars against the claimants of prophet hood. If the Qadiyanies abandon to call themselves Muslims, they will get all the rights as a minority. The other option is that they should repent and revert to Islam.

Maulana Anzer Shah Kashmiri (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

My father (Maulana Anwar Shah Kashmiri) dreamt the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) three times. Every time Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) advised him to continue his struggle to root out Qadiyaniat. In Muslim countries they should be removed from government jobs. By promulgating the ordinance concerning the Qadiyani Zia-ul-Haq has earned the favor of all the Muslims. This will prove to be a provision for Hereafter for him. For this action Muslims of India pray for him.

Maulana Taj Mahmood (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

During the past fourteen hundred years there have been a number of conspiracies and mischief against Islam, but the lamp lighted by God cannot be blown out in this way. The vilest of these mischiefs is the claim of Prophet Hood, which starts from Muselema Kazzab and comes down to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani. In different eras hundred of ill – fated persons tries to transgress the innocent people. By writing the book ‘A’ima Talbees’, Allama Abdul Qasim did a great favor to Muslims. In this book he mentioned the names and biographies of the claimants of false Prophet Hood. Though there have been dozens of false claimants of Prophet Hood, but the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) foretold that there would be thirty ‘Dajjal’ (great deceiver and anti Christ) after him. Though it is impossible to state that how many of them have appeared, yet one can be sure that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani falls among those 30 ‘Dajjals’.

He caused division and chaos among Muslims. Whenever there had been any set back to Muslims, Mirza Qadiyani and his followers rejoiced over it. When at the martyrdom of Shah Faisal of Saudi Arabia every Muslim was mourning, they were distributing sweets, making great pomp and show and dancing in the streets of ‘Rabwah’.

Maulana Muhammad Idrees Kandhlvi (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

When Mirza Qadiyani claims that he is ‘Zil’ and ‘Broz’ of Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) and that he is the ultimate expression of the Excellencies of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam), he should prove his claim of resembling the qualities of Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam). However, he was ‘Zill’ and ‘Broz’ of the apprehensions of all the false prophets, messiahs, maihadis of the past thirteen centuries. Net to speak of having any resemblance with Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) he was nothing similar to the slaves of slaves of slaves of ……. of Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam). Today, if anyone claims that he is ‘Zil’ (shadow) or ‘Broz’ of Sultan Sallah-ud-Din Ayyubi or of Shah Alamgir so all should obey him, the government will send such a person to jail or mental house. When such claims cannot prove Kingship, how these can prove Prophet Hood. Similarly, no one except the fool will be ready to accept a person’s claim of being Hazrat Yousaf (Alaihe Salaam). Same is the case with those people who have taken farmer of Qadiyan as ‘Zill’ and ‘Broz’ of all the Prophets. Such people are unsound of mind.

Mirza Qadiyani claims that he ahs excelled all the Prophets in learning and showing miracles. So, Islam and Mirzaiyat differ in Principle. The difference is not of minor nature. As to consider a Muslim an infidel is infidelity, in the same way to consider an infidel as Muslim is infidelity. So, one should be very careful in both ways. As to consider Muselema a Muslim is infidelity. In the same way to consider Muselema Punjab Mirza Qadiyani a Muslim is also infidelity. There is no difference between the two and even Mirza Qadiyani is ahead of Muselema of Yamama in falsehood and wickedness.

Maulana Shamsul Haq Afghani (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“Islam and the seal of Prophet Hood form the ideological unity of Pakistan. People who form a separate religion other than Islam and who are blasphemous against God, Islam and Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) have no concern with Islam. In this regard Bahawalpure case is of utmost value. ”

Maulana Haq Nawas Jhangavi (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

The Qadiyanies have always enjoyed government support. In past even to converse against them was a crime and it was condemned as sectarianism and cases were registered against those who spoke against them. No one could imagine that speech would be delivered against Qadiyaniat publicly and that there would be restriction on their prayer (in Muslims Mosques) and Azan (call for Prayer). Thanks God, the dream has now come true. Now no Qadiyani can use a badge of ‘Kalma Tayyaba’ on it. Qadiyaniat has become an abuse and curse. My Companioned and I are soldiers and we are prepares to lay down our lives against Qadiyaniat .We will continue the crusade till the last time.”

Maulana Zafar Ahmad Ansari (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“It is unparallel that 90 years old issue was resolved I such an easy way. It was not just a thorn but a dagger in Muslim Ummah’s body. Now with people’s efforts and prays the dagger has been drawn out. The whole body is injured .The poison has penetrated deep in body. Now we have to get the ointment for the wounds. We have comas ate the loss the Muslim’s Ummah has suffered. It was God’s favor to us that the whole nation was united at those crucial moments. Every one wanted the issue to be resolved. All the Political and religion parties were united in the Assembly. Out of the Assembly, the young and the old made their efforts. The whole nation deserves greetings for showing unity. Students from schools, colleges, universities, and people from all lifestyles were ready to lay down their lives to safeguard the seal of Prophet Hood. That is why the issue has been resolved. It was not that it was the assembly that declares the Qadiyanies infidels. They were already non-Muslims. The assembly’s role was just to make this fact part of constitution so that there might not be any confusion in future. To bear their heart rending conspiracies for so long a time was not Muslim’s tolerance but shamelessness. Those who have gone through it is. How’re, each thing and work has an appointed time to be done.”

Maulana Manzoor Ahmad Chanyoti (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

Qadiyan is as important and sacred for the Qadiyanies ad Mecca and Medina for Muslims. After the partition of subcontinent their spiritual center fell in India. After it Mirza Qadiyanies eldest son, Mirza Bashirud Din, along with the members of his family migrated to Pakistan. There they got a vast tract of land and named it ‘Rabwa’. There they made ‘Bahishty Maqbara’ (Paradiscal Tomb). In his will Mirza Bashir wrote that whenever it was feasible, their dead bodies be shifted to ‘Bahishty Maqbara’ in Qadiyan.

Under the guise of his dreams and ‘revelations’ be continued his ‘Akhand Bharat’ (United India) movement. He declared explicitly that the Partition was momentary and soon India would be united. In this Perspective Mirza Tahir’s interview published in ‘Muslim India’ is an alarm. There people are enjoying Key Posts in government jobs. Their presence in Atomic sensitive institution like Kahota Plant is a matter of concern. They can do any thing to prove the foretelling of their spiritual leaders. Their contacts with the Anti-Pakistan countries like India, Israel etc. are no more a secret. They are against the existence of Pakistan. It is our national and religious duty to warn the government against them. Keeping in view all these facts, we demand at once. Moreover, following the Malaysian example their citizenship is abolished.

Maulana Aziz Ur Rehman Jalendhry

“There was a time when even talking against Qadiyaniat was a crime, but now it has become an abuse and curse. It is no more a secret that Qadiyaniat was a Product of evil British imperialism which spread it (Qadiyaniat) during its reign in India.”

Maulana Mukhtar Ahmed Naeemy (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“It is a source of great reward if one utilizes one’s time, money and potential to root out mischief – Qadiyaniat.”

Allama Syed Mahmood Ahmed Rizwi (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“The group that considers Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani a Prophet is called ‘Ahmedy’ or ‘Qadiyani’ while the group that regards him only a realist or the Promised Christ is called; Lahori Group’ or ‘Mirzai’. Both of them are apostate and have no concern with Islam. After being acquainted with their thoughts what compels us to have relations with them? Its only reason is that we have lost sense of religious honor and in fact we have become shameless. We have no love for Our Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) We are the unlucky ones because we are not ready to lay down our lives for the honor of Our Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam).

For God’s sake! Think! The language that have been used for Hazrat Ayesha (Razi-Allah-ho-Talaa-Anhum), Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) and Hazrat Hussain (Razi-Allah-ho-Talaa-Anhum), if used for our Parents, sisters and our brothers, we would be ready to risk our lives. But alas! We have lost sense of honor. Here we do not become emotional as we become in our Personal matters. We remain silent. O the claimant’s of having true Faith! Have you any relation with Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam)? Have you any relation with Hazrat Fatima (Razi-Allah-ho-Talaa-Anhum) and Hazrat Hussain (Razi-Allah-ho-Talaa-Anhum)? And if rely is in the affirmative and it must be, then activate your love for Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam).”

Sahib Zada Iftakharul Hassan Shah (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh) (Faislabad)

“From his personality and behavior Mirza Qadiyani does not seem to be a human being. In 1974 the National Assembly of Pakistan had declared the Mirzai non-Muslim minority. But the Qadiyanies never accepted this unanimous decision. They call themselves Muslims. To say the Qadiyanies ‘Ahmedy’ is infidelity.”

“Keeping in view Hazrat Abu Bakar (Razi-Allah-ho-Talaa-Anhum)’s example, the present Government should the Islamic Punishment for being an apostate.”

Maulana Jameel Ahmed Naeemy (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“We should Ponders over it impatiently as to which organized group is that making the Muslims of Pakistan quarrel with one another by entangling them in different issues. We are of the opinion that this organized group is of the Qadiyanies who have their stations in the country as well as in foreign countries and even in Israel, Pakistan’s enemy. They are so powerful that they influence the forming and breaking of Government. Every one knows that from the President Ayyub Kahn to the present President M.M Ahmed Qadiyani has been an influencing force. Their deign is to make Pakistan a Qadiyani state. In this way they will be able to have connection with their ‘Qibla-Qadiyan. ”

Maulana Muhammad Baksh Muslim

Sheikhul Hadith Maulana Mahr Din

Syed Khalil Ahmed Qadri

Sahibzada Faizal Qadri

Maulana Gull Ahmed

Qari Muhammad Yousaf

Allama Qari Mushtaq Ahmed

“The Person who calls himself a prophet and challenges the seal of Prophet Hood is a liar and infidel and has no relation with Islam. The Qadiyani and the Lahori can not use Islamic terminology because they are out of circle of Islam.”

Maulana Muhammad Haney Nadvi (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“The main feature of the Prophets is that they are bold and fearless in preaching Truth. They don’t care such things as what people will ay or weather the law enforcement agencies will come to action. They just want that the message of God should reach people. There is example of Hazrat Ibrahim (Alaihe Salaam) who preferred fire but not abandon the truth of the oneness of Allah.

When Mirza Qadiyani was foretelling the death and downfall of people, his opponents field a case in the court of Mr. Do that he be prevented from black mailing people. When Mirza Qadiyani came to know this, he lost his sense and denied his Prophet Hood in the Presence of Khawaja Kamalu Din. He assured that he would never publish any foretelling concerning the death of any body nor he should Maulana Muhammad Hussain Btalvi in such words as could hurt him.”

It means that Mirza Qadiyani said to God that such revelations should not be dispatched to him as could become a cause of his arrest by m Magistrate. Is this Prophet Hood? There can not be another example of such an uncertainty, fear and cowardice.

Maulana Manzoor Ahmed Naumani (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“The Qadiyanies who had been associating themselves falsely with Islam for a century and denied the truth that using the name of Islam they, in fact, had been following a new religion. After the decision of National Assembly they will try to make the unaware Muslims believe that by declaring them Non-Muslims they have been oppressed. So, the need of his hour is that there should be a simple explanation of the grounds on which basis they have been declared non-Muslims. Therefore, there may not be ay misunderstanding among Muslims. ”

Maulana Zaiur Rehman Farooqi (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“A man does not become Muslim just by acknowledging the seal of Prophet Hood. He is also required to consider the person an infidel and apostate who is the claimant of Prophet Hood. From Muselema Kazzab to Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani along with their blind followers are infidels. The person who does not take them as infidel he proves that he himself is an infidel.”

According to the Quran and Sunnah Christ is still alive on the fourth sky. Near the Doomsday He will descend from the Eastern minaret of the James Mosque in Damascus. The Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) has states more that hundred signs of Christ, besides a Prophet, is also violation of Islamic faith. Mirza Qadiyani does not have even a single sign of the Promised Christ in him.

Maulana Muhammad Ali Jalendhri (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“The Mirzai are hereby. Every man should add the Word ‘Kazzab’ (Liar)”

along with Mirza Qadiyani name. To kill the apostate is a virtue deed. Whoever kills any false prophet gets as much reward as hundred Martyrs will get or (whoever kills any false prophet get the reward of that is equal to that of Hundred Martyrs).

Maulana Qazi Ahsan Ahmed Shuja Abadi (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“May God save us from sufferings and misfortune? But we are prepared to lay down our lives to save the good name of Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam). May every Muslim be the lucky one of getting this honor (of lay down one’s life)?”

Maulana Abdullah (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“Islamabad is Pakistan’s capital. Against this name, the Qadiyanies have named their ‘Kafraabad’ as Islamabad. It is likely an insult fro Pakistan and Islam. Muslims will never tolerate it.”

Syed Attaul Mohsin Shah Bokhari (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“The ‘Ulmaas’ are accused of using abusive language. In real, they copy the abusive language that Mirza Qadiyani has used in his writings. For the Muslims who don’t consider his a prophet he used the words of ‘the children of swine and prostitutes’. So if any scholar refers to Mirza Qadiyanies abusive language, he will not be held responsible for it”.

Haji Muhammad Abdul Wahaab

“When companions and friends return from foreign countries they told me about the evil designs of the Qadiyanies. Their details hurt me. We have a typical mode of our work and with God’s grace; we are successful in it. With the spread of true faith all mischiefs will die. Dealing Qadiyaniat is a dangerous and a challenging task. Only those people can comprehend it who have a plunged into it, Mirza Qadiyani was so ill fated man that he tried to usurp the throne of Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) .I am stunned to think that their have been greater infidel even than Abu Jahal.”

Hazrat Mufti Zain-ul-Aabedeen (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“In 1974 the Qadiyanies were declared the minority which is non-Muslim. When I paid a visit to Hazrat Shaikh-ul-Hadith, I told him all about it. In spite of weakness he sat .he prayed a lit. I had already worked for ‘Tahreek-e-Khatm-e-Nubuwaat but after Hazrat’s Prayers I took it obligatory to work to root out this evil group of conspirators and deniers of God. It is all due to Hazrat’s prayers that I did something against Qadiyanies in the reign of Zia-ul-haq. The Qadiyanies are treacherous against Islam and the country. it is a horrible movement against Islam. only those know it who are doing against it”

Maulana Saeed Khan (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“Hazrat Shaikhul Hadith was in of those venerable who were blessed by ( the light and splendor of ) the shrine of Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam). His worry about the mischief of Qadiyaniat cannot be explained in words .He instructs and prays for every person who come to meet him. He makes feel to his vice regents to the greatness of the work for Khatm-e-Nubuwwat. People who are working against Qadiyaniat deserve many congratulations. Mirzaiyet is a great mischief. The Qadiyanies are blind of hearts if not from eyes.”

Maulana Muhammd Ahmad Bahawalpur

“in falsehood ,misleading and reducing other Mirza Qadiyanies excelled all the other claimants of prophet hood. Qadiyaniat is a rebellion against the Islam. People know that when Hazrat Kashmiri, came Bahawalpur how he attacked severely Qadiyaniat. Ulmaas tells us about the golden era when their will be no Qadiyani on the face of earth and we have faith in it.”

Hazrat Maulana Nazrur Rehmaan

“To see Hazrat Khawaja Khan Muhammad‘s work and efforts ,who is a great saint and a soldier of Islam, against Qadiyaniat it seems that Hazrat Anwer Shah Kashmiri’s spirit has penetrated in him. Repudiating a transgressed person like Mirza Qadiyani is the need of hour. God chooses the lucky ones for such deeds.”

Maulana Ahmad Raza Khan Bralvi (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

The head of ‘Ahle Sunnet’ gave his ‘Fatawa’ (legal opinion) in these words, “The Qadiyanies are apostates and hypocrites. They are such apostates and hypocrites that they recite the Islamic ‘Kalama’ and call themselves Muslims but are blasphemous against God, Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) and Prophets. Their slaughtering is filthy and prohibited to use. If a man owing to Muslims boycott of Qadiyanies consider them oppressed and takes it as an unjust act by the Muslims, if out of the circle of Islam. Moreover, he who does not call an infidel is himself an infidel”. (Ahkame Shariyat p: 112-177).

“It is obligatory on Muslims to break up all types of contacts with them once for all. To inquire after them, to offer their funeral prayers, to bury them in the cemetery of Muslims, to go to their graves is prohibited.” (Fatawa Rizwia V: 2, P: 51)

Maulana Ghualm Ahmad Ghotvi (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“According to Holy Quran, Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) is the last Prophet of God. One who denies this Quranic command becomes an apostate.”

Maulana Abul Hasnaat Syed Ahmad Qadri (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“If the Qadiyanies are not converted into a non-Muslim minority, they will prove to be a danger to Pakistan’s security.”

Maulana Syed Ahmad Saeed Kazmi (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“The Qadiyanies being apostates should be declared as a non-Muslim minority.”

Muhammad Hamid Ali Khan

“Material gains, ulterior motives and falsehood are the basic features of Qadiyaniat. Their main purpose is to weaken the Muslims and damage the Islamic values.”

Allama Muhammad Shafi Okarvi (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“Mirza Qadiyanies claim of false Prophet Hood brought much loss and injury to the Muslim world. May God save the Muslims from their evil designs?”

Maulana Sadat Ali Qadari (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

God’s curse is on Mirza Qadiyani who spread the darkness of ignorance. The Mirzai are worst people on earth. So there should be no contact with them. Any social contact or family alliance with them is prohibited.”

Maulana Zahoor Ahmad Bagwi (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“Some simpleton Muslims fall a prey to the conspiracies done by Islam’s enemies. Such people are a failure in this world as well as in the hereafter. This is very alarming and horrible situation.”

Maulana Mufti Muhammad Hussain Naeemy (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“For having such a faith and thoughts, the Qadiyanies are apostates. And apostates deserve death.”

Maulana Sana-ullah Amratsaree (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“In the early days of this “Fitna” some of the Ulmaas waged a war upon Qadiyaniat. Of these scholars, Maulana Sanaullah Amaratsari’s name is most prominent. His attacks on Qadiyaniat unnerved Mirza Qadiyani. Through his writings speeches and polemic, the Qadiyanies were debased. At last, cholera came in the wake of a Mubahila, which became a cause of his death. On April 15, 1907, Mirza Qadiyanies challenged Maulana Sanaullah through the published paper of a Mubahila (mutual imprecation to prove one’s truth). The heading on the paper was ‘ the last encounter with Molvi Sanaullah ‘he wrote in the paper that “ if I am a confirmed liar , as you write often in your paper ,then pray for my death in your life. But, O my God! If Maulana Sanaullah‘s imputations against me are false, then cause his death by cholera or plague in my life.”

The false prophet himself incurred God’s wrath and curse. After one year, Mirza Qadiyani died by cholera, while Maulana lived 40 years after his death and continued his war against Qadiyaniat.

Maulana Muhammad Ibrahim (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“Mirza Qadiyani was utterly an immoral person. In the light of the incidents of his child hood, youth and old age; the use of such epithets as reformer, Mehdi, Revivalist etc fro him means the degrading and disgracing these epithets. He did not have even those common traits that should be in normal human being. Breaking his promises, telling lies, contradictions in his account, misunderstanding, slander, litigation, materialism, infatuation for women and sensuousness were the major traits of Mirza Qadiyani.”

Allam Ahsaan Ilahee Zaheer (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“There is a strong connection between Qadiyaniat and Israel and both are the product of Anti-Muslim forces. The faith of Qadiyanies goes against that of Muslims.”

Professor Sajid Mir

“In their movement Qadiyanies have crossed the limit of ethics and morality. They are not reluctant in telling white lies. They are utterly out of circle of Islam. This is the decision of Muslims of the world and it is the part of Pakistan’s constitution”.

More than hundred (100) verses of Holy Quran proved the sole of Prophet Hood. In the beginning of Quran, God has mentioned it clearly while discussing the features of pious men. Muselema Kazzab and his followers acknowledged not only the Prophet Hood of Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam). They were regular in their prayers also. Out warily they were true Muslims. Despite this they were declared apostates and hundreds of the companions of the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) were martyred in the war against them. The seal of Prophet Hood is an issue of all the Muslims and the Muslims from all sects should take part in the struggle.

Hafiz Abdul Qadir Ropdi (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“In the guise of religion of region mirzaiat is a tool in the hands of colonial and imperialistic powers. There is an alliance between the mirzai and the Jews and they have planted a mission in Israel. Ch Zafar Ullah Qadiyani, ex-exterior minister has been working for the mission”.

Al-Sheikh Hazrat Maulana Abd-ur-Rehman

In Pakistan, the mirzai are still enjoying the key posts in government jobs. They are continuously in effort to fail Islam because they cannot flourish in an Islamic society.

Maulana Abu-al-Aala Modoodi (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“The infidelity and hypocrisy of mirza Qadiyani and his followers is approved and clear reality. Qadiyaniat is a cancer for Pakistan and the Muslim world, but alas! A lot of Muslims specially the educated ones are not fully aware of their evil design against Islam. Most of the Muslims take it only as a sectarian issue. Such Muslims do not read the literature about Qadiyaniat and the Qadiyanies try that no truth should reach such Muslims.

Qazi Hussain Ahmed

“To uproot the Qadiyaniat the unity among the ‘Ulmaas’ of all the schools of thoughts is in evitable. The Qadiyani group is continuously engaged in ruinous activities. The people of this group are enjoying key posts in armed forces, bureaucracy, industrial units etc. They are working for the political and economic interests of evil powers. They openly show their disregard for constitution. Using Islam, the Qadiyanies wish the state power in their hands. Like the Irani Behais, the Mirzai should be declared as unlawful in Pakistan. Islamic revolution cannot happen in Pakistan by making ties with the political parties which have the Qadiyani as their members.”

Syed Asad Gillani

“Mirzaiat is not a sect. It is totally a new religion. Mirzaiyat, Qadiyaniat, or Ahmadiyat all are in fact “Ghulam Ahmadiyat”. This religion has its own particular concept of God – the god who did intercourse with Mirza Qadiyani. They have their own concept of Prophet Hood – Prophet Hood where all the Prophets meet in one Mirza Qadiyani. They have their own concept of Revelation – the revelation that was revealed in English, Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic, Persian etc languages and which is utterly senseless. They have their own particular concept of the Hereafter. They trace the foretelling of their Prophet in the Quran. They have their own idea about angels, who are in the form of things that influence man’s senses. They have their own ‘Ummah’, their own ‘Sehba’ etc.”

Maulana Amin Ahmad Islahi

“In my view the Qadiyanies did not deserve the rights of minorities. This is the most meager treatment that has been made with them. I think that the Qadiyanies will try to exploit this concession. People having vested interests may also provide patronage to them on the pretext of minority. The solution to this problem is that the Muslims should be vigilant. Now they have got legal protection. So they may prove more harmful to our country and religion than ever.”

Maulana Fateh-e-Muhammad (Ameer Jamat-e-Islami Punjab)

“Mirzaiyat is a great mischief ‘Fitna’ of this country. It is the time to root it out. All the Muslims should be united at this platform of ‘Khatm-e-Nubuwwat’.”

Hazrat Maulana Abdul Malik (Sheikh-ul-Hadith, Jamia Mansoora)

“There are many other minorities in Pakistan and we have no conflict with them. But our conflict with the Qadiyanies will continue because they have enmity with our very existence. They are agents for Israel. Through their secret plans, they are inflicting harms to the country. So, our existence is in danger and we should not be relaxed unless we root out the Qadiyaniat. Now, by the Grace of Allah, the Qadiyaniat will be suppressed.”

Professor Khurshed Ahmad

“About the Qadiyaniat my view is that only those can accept it who are either stupid or have their vested interests.”

Major (Rt.) Muhammad Amin Minhas (A religious scholar)

“The Qadiyanies cannot be allowed to use signs and practices of Islam. When they recite the ‘Kalama’, they do not mean it what a Muslim think to be. In ‘Kalama’ from Muhammad, they derive the meaning of ‘Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’. They are the hypocrites to whom God has said ‘the Liars’ (Ka’zib). There are clear commands of Jihad against the infidels and the hypocrites. The anti–Islamic forces have planted Mirza Ghulam Ahmad; who are fearful of Jihad. There is difference between the Basic Rights of the Muslims and the infidels. The Qadiyanies cannot be allowed to their satanic works under the pretext of Basic Human Rights. The Qadiyanies never talk about the Quran and the Sunnah. They always take the plea of Basic Human Rights. We give the right of having faith to the Christians and the Hindus but not to the Qadiyanies because they spread and preach the Qadiyaniat under the guise of Islam. Their plea for Basic Rights is mere a pretext. Basic Rights are not acceptable if they contradict the Quran and the ‘Sunnah’. The Qadiyanies have never been accepted as Muslims.”

Doctor Israr Ahmad

“This issue of the Qadiyaniat, that is a running sore, has now entered a new and complex phase. Owing to their secret and collusive role they have succeeded in strengthening their roots like cancer in Muslim Ummah body. Mirza Qadiyani and all those who have the faith in here have been declared as infidels. Ironically, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his blind followers call the Muslims infidels and use the meanest language against them. They do not hesitate even abusing the Muslims. An important individual of this class Zaffer Ullah Khan Qadiyani refused to offer the Funeral Prayer of the Quaid-e-Azam, who was his benefactor and patron. He said; “Whether I am declared a non-Muslim of an Islamic country or a Muslim Minister of an Un-Islamic country, I shall not say the Funeral Prayer.” But our intellectuals and politicians are so much broad minded and good – hearted that after declaring them a non-Muslim minority are safeguarding their life, property and honor. When something is done to avoid their aggressive activities these “broad minded and good – hearted” people take pity on these “suppressed” people.”

Allama Ali Ghazanfer Kerarvi

“The Qadiyaniat is a running sore. Peace cannot prevail in Pakistan unless this evil is rooted out.”

“In dealing with the qadiyaniat Hazrat Abu Bakr (Razi-Allah-ho-Tala-Anhum) should be followed. This is the only solution of the issue and it is the demand of the time.”

Syed Muzafar Ali Shamsi (Head of Idara Tahafuz-e-Shia)

“All the Muslims of Pakistan are united at the issue of ‘Khatm-e-Nubuwwat’. Now we will erase Mirzaiyat from Islam’s map. We demand from Pakistani Government to separate and remove the Qadiyaniat from key posts.”

Maulana Mazhar Ali Azhar (Advocate)

“From the past thirteen years the Muslims had one voice that there could be no prophet after Muhammad (S.A.W). And after the reiteration of this belief Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed Prophet Hood. Whoever does not believe in Mirza Qadiyani is considered a non-Muslim by the Qadiyanies. And according to the Quranic command: “And do not offer funeral prayers of those who die amongst them. And do not stand on their graves because they denied God and His Apostle…….” The Qadiyanies do not offer the funeral prayers of any Muslim. Sir Zaffer Ullah Qadiyani did not offer the funeral prayer of Quaid-e-Azam and Sir Fazal Hussain though he attended the funeral ceremony.”

Allama Mirza Yousaf Hussain (Majlis-e-Amel Ulama Shia Pakistan)

“The Qadiyanies are not Muslims. They are apostate. It is not that some of them are apostates but every one of them is consciously apostates so that he may conspire against Islam. Their every existence, their percept and practices bear an alarming message for the Muslims. Under the guise of Islam they are busy in sabotaging Islam’s fixed laws and holy practices. A common man cannot estimate their evil plans. It is a running sore in Islam’s body. To get rid of it is the responsibility of each and every Muslim.”

Allama Syed Iftakhar Hussain Naqvi (Vice President Tehrik Fiqa Jafria)

“It is unanimous of the Muslims ‘Ummah’ that owing to the denial of the seal of Prophet Hood. The Qadiyanies are non-Muslims. A person having faith in the oneness of Allah and performing all the other Islamic deeds is not a Muslim unless he believes in the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam), the seal of Prophet Hood and considers every claimant of Prophet Hood, including Mirza Qadiyani, a non-Muslim.”

Maullana Muhammad Hussain Akbar (Jamia Almanzar Lahore)

“One of the tactics used against Islam was the claim of Prophet Hood. As a result Mirza Qadiyani in India and the ‘Behais’ in Iran denied the seal of Prophet Hood and claimed their own false Prophet Hood. Both the groups are puppets in the hand of Jews. This is the evil design of the Jews and the abandoning their minor differences, the Muslims should get united to met with the disaster.”

Allama Arif Al Husseni, Allama Hassan, Sheikh Mohsen Ali Najfi, Agha Murtaza Poya, Sheikh Muzzafer Husain Jaffery, Sheikh Ali Walayety.

In the matter of Khatm-e-Nubuwwat” we are equally partners of ‘Ahl-e-Sunnet’. We consider the ‘Mirzaiat’ the Jews and the Christians. The Mirzaiyat is not a religious but a political group. Under the guise of Islam, this group is serving imperialistic powers. It has its station in Tel Abel while no Muslim country has any diplomatic relations with Israel. To combat the Mirzaiyat and the Behaiat we will participate in every plan set by the working committee of ‘Khatm-e-Nubuwwat’. We condemn the patrons of Mirzaiyat and Behaiat – American, Russian and Jewish imperialism – who conspire against Islam through there agents. The sabotage the global peace. A vigilant eye should be kept on the activities of such an element. People should also unveil their evil plans.


The thought provoking facts and truths about the Qadiyaniat narrated by the Sufis have been written down below. All they say is true. Discussing things, they have no expedience in mind. They have to say whatever truth is.

Peer Mehr Ali Shah Golarvi (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

Peer Mehr Ali Shah faced the mischief cursed by the Qadiyaniat boldly. He struggled day and night to make people aware of the wickedness of the Qadiyanies. He says about this in these words, “The Holy Prophet (Sallallaho–Alehhi–Wassallam) ordered me in a dream that ‘Mirza Qadiyani is blemishing my ‘Ahadith’ (sayings) by interpreting them wrongly, while you are sitting calmly’”. After that dream, Hazrat Mehr Ali Shah (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh) devoted his whole life to face the challenge of Qadiyaniat.

Mian Sher Muhammad Sharaqpuri (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

Hazrat Mian Sher Muhammad once narrated the account of his ‘Muraqba’ (Meditation): “I saw Mirza Qadiyani in the shape of a stray dog in his grave. He was under the fit of madness (stray). His mouth is towards tail. He is barking and moving in a circle and his mouth is creating foam and water and he is repeatedly biting his legs and tail”.

Khawaja Ghulam Farid (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

Commenting at the Qadiyaniat, Hazrat Ghulam Farid (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh) said, “Mirza Qadiyani is infidel. The Qadiyanies will go to hell. The Prophet Hood has come to an end with Muhammad (Sallallaho–Alehhi–Wassallam)”

Peer Syed Jammat Ali Shah (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

He has great services for anti-Qadiyaniat cause. At Mirza Qadiyani claim of Prophet Hood, he promulgated a five-point challenge that “Firstly, a true Prophet cannot be the disciple of anyone. Secondly, after the age of forty, every Prophet declares His Prophet Hood with the command of God. He does not get the status of Prophet gradually. Thirdly, from Hazrat Adam (A.I.) to Muhammad (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh) all the Prophets had single name. A true Prophet cannot have a compound name. Fourthly, a true Prophet does not leave any legacy behind him. Fifthly, as no other can be associated with God, in the same way no one can be an accomplice with Muhammad (Sallallaho–Alehhi–Wassallam)”. By this time, no Qadiyani or Mirzai could challenge the authenticity of these arguments.

Khawaja Hasan Nizami (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“Any type of co – operation with these people is prohibited.”

Shah Abdul Qadir Raipuri (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

When some one asks for a ‘Wazifa’ (incantation), he replied, “Continue to narrate about the finality of Prophet Hood. To work for the safety of the finality of Prophet Hood is the only ‘Wazifa’ (incantation).”

Sahibzada Syed Faiz-ul-Hasan (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“To murder a Qadiyani is a way to win the pleasure of God.”

Hazrat Mian Kareem Bakhsh (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“The Mirzai deny Jihad. The Hindus, the Christian, the Jews are, too, enemies of Islam. However, they call themselves the Hindus, the Christians or the Jews and those who believe in Muhammad (SALLALLAHO–ALEHHI–WASSALLAM), they call them Muslims. While the Mirzai call only those people Muslims who have faith in Mirza Qadiyani, the arch – liar. They declare those who follow Muhammad (SALLALLAHO–ALEHHI–WASSALLAM) as non – Muslims.”

Hazrat Khawaja Fakhr-ud-Din Sialvi (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

“Hazrat Muhammad (SALLALLAHO–ALEHHI–WASSALLAM) is the last Prophet of God and any claimant of Prophet Hood after Him (SALLALLAHO–ALEHHI–WASSALLAM) will be out of Islam. The Holy Prophet (SALLALLAHO–ALEHHI–WASSALLAM) has said that ‘there will be a mischief from the East declaring (translation) ‘this ‘Fitna’ will denounce Jihad.’’ This saying of Prophet (SALLALLAHO–ALEHHI–WASSALLAM) proves that this mischief is Mirza Qadiyani because it was he who proscribed Jihad.”

“One who adopts another religion after accepting Islam is an infidel and apostate and the penalty for apostasy is death. If I had the power, I would have made the decision about the Qadiyanies according to the Islamic law, whose examples was set by Hazrat Abu Bakr (Razi-Allah-ho-Talaa-Anhum)). The social boycott of Qadiyanies is justified. Every kind of contact with them should be abandoned.”

The Saints from Tonsa Sharif

When Mirza Qadiyani made a claim of his Prophet Hood, Khawaja Allah Bakhsh was bed – ridden due to illness. However, hearing this damned news, he left the death – bed as a sleeping lion wakes. Until his death, he faced this mischief.

Khawaja Nizam ud Din Tansvicras took an active part in the ‘Khatm e Nubuwwat’ movement in 1953. He had good relations with Syed Atta Ullah Shah Bokhari. Once in Tonsa Sharif the Qadiyanies insulted a supporter of ‘Khatm-e-Nubuwwat’. Khawaja Nizam ud Din was very sorrowful to know this. He took it as a personal insult. He said to his companions that it was not a simple matter and that they would punish the Qadiyanies in a way that they would remember then forever. Therefore, after some days his companions punished the Qadiyani who had insulted in a way that the Qadiyani would never forget.

In 1986 movement, Maulana Abdul Sattar Tonsvi was severely injured. The next night he got the honor of seeing the Holy Prophet (SALLALLAHO–ALEHHI–WASSALLAM) in dream.

Hazrat Dewan Syed Aale Rasool (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

No enemies of Islam and the Qadiyanies can prove from any verse of the Qur’an that there would be any prophet after the Last Prophet Muhammad (SALLALLAHO–ALEHHI–WASSALLAM). Such a faith denies God’s words in the Qur’an that: (Today We have completed Our Religion for you….)

The Last Guidance from God had been revealed to Muhammad (SALLALLAHO–ALEHHI–WASSALLAM) and Muhammad (SALLALLAHO–ALEHHI–WASSALLAM) is the last prophet of God. So whoever says or does anything contrary to this, whether he is a Qadiyani or not, are an infidel and an apostate.

Sahibzada Sultan Faiz ul Hassan Qadri (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

For the safety of the Finality of Prophet Hood we should be ready all the times to lay down everything whatever we have- Our life and property. Because of Muslims minor differences among themselves, the Qadiyaniat is alive. We will have to throw away the walls of hatred if we want to efface this mischief (Fitna). We should be united to face this mischief.

Peer Syed Ghazanfar Ali Shah (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh) (Karmanwala Sharif)

It is a planned evil design to make Muslims disgusted of the ‘Ullamas’ and the safety of the seal of Prophet Hood. Through mutual unity and the spirit of ‘Jihad’, this evil conspiracy has to be defeated. By the Grace of ALLAH, the Qadiyanies will suffer a historic humiliation”.

Justice Peer Muhammad Karam Shah Alazhari (Bhaira Sharif)

The Mirzai’ are hidden enemies. They are busy in inflicting harm to Pakistan. They created hurdles in the way of Islamic system. The responsibility of eradicating this mischief, that is worse than a diseased dog, lies on us greater than others. If we fail in doing so, the coming generations will not forgive us.

Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Yousaf Ludhyanvi (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

Hazrat Ludhyanvi (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh) has written so much against Qadiyaniat that if it is compiles, it will make dozens of books. He says, “Our honor demands that even a single Qadiyani should not be kept alive. Each wicked Qadiyani should be killed. I am not saying this emotionally. This is the verdict of Islam. This is the Islamic Law about the apostates and the hypocrites. It is the responsibility of state. We cannot do so individually. So that only least thing that we should do is to break all ties with them. We should not tolerate them in any type of our gathering. We should start an international movement so that the whole world may accept the truth that the Mirzai are not Muslims and that they are betrayers of Islam, Muhammad (SALLALLAHO–ALEHHI–WASSALLAM) and of the whole humanity. All the Muslims should show their sense of honor concerning the Qadiyaniat….In this regard every Muslim should sacrifice whatever he can”.

Peer Syed Abid Hussain Shah (Ali Pur Saiden Sharif, Distt: Sialkot)

Despite the Qadiyanies being declared as minority and the promulgation of the ordinance, they are busy in their evil designs and mischief. A number of Qadiyanies are plotting against Pakistan and Islam because they are enjoying higher posts by veiling their real religion. Therefore, the whole nation and the government should take notice of this.

Hazrat Khawaja Khan Muhammad (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

Parallel to Islam the Qadiyaniat is an artificial religion that is brought up by anti-Islam imperialistic powers. Its purpose is to weaken Islam’s foundation and to prepare an atmosphere in Pakistan where Israel could get hold easily. They are always busy in making plots against Pakistan. In 1974 the Muslims forgot their differences and set and extraordinary example of unity among themselves. As a result the rejecters of the Finality Prophet Hood were declared a Non-Muslim minority. Again, the same unity, harmony, oneness and spirit is the need of the hour so that the evil could be rooted out once for all. It is the first and foremost duty of every Muslim to curb this evil.

Maulana Peer Hassan Shah Qadri Batalvi (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

Once Mirza Qadiyani paid a visit to Maulana Peer Hassan Shah, he instructed him in these words, “Be steadfast to the faith of the ‘Ahle Sunnat’ and do not be a slave to Satan and your desires”. After Mirza Qadiyani had gone, one of the disciples of Peer Hassan Shah said to him, “Hazrat you have given a very strange instruction to this fellow. What is the reason?” He replied, “After sometime this man’ mind will turn and he will claim Prophet Hood. Even now Satan is leading him”.
Therefore, after thirty-six years of the foretelling Mirza Qadiyani claimed false Prophet Hood.

Shah Abdul Rahim Raipuri (Rehmat-Ullah-Alleh)

Hazrat Shah Abdul Rahim had foretold Hakim Noor ud Din that he should be careful because he would be apostate. So it happened, Hakim Noor ud Din went for ‘Manazera’ (dialect) to Mirza Qadiyani and became his greatest disciple instead.